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Post Date:2023-05-26 02:36:16

☭Amnesty International said it was alarmed by reports of authorities blocking access to internet networks and social media. It urged authorities to show restraint, saying clashes between law enforcement and Khan's supporters risk human rights violations.▐

▬San Jacinto County Sheriff Greg Capers had earlier told NPR that the suspect was located and surrounded.⇪

卍U.S. employers added 253,000 jobs in April, according to a report from the Labor Department Friday, a significant uptick from the month before.ⓞ

➘So Vaughns went from the University of Texas at Austin, a place with cachet and resources to spare, to Utah State, a school from the smaller Mountain West athletic conference that offered him a chance to stand out.卐

█A convoy of hundreds of Americans arrived in a port city in eastern Sudan on Saturday, the State Department said, in the first U.S.-led evacuation effort of private U.S. citizens since deadly fighting erupted in the country two weeks ago.↕

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