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•That's what Sally Wier did when she bought a house five years ago on an 8-acre plot in Rio Grande County surrounded by fields of barley and alfalfa. The first time she tested her well, the arsenic level was 47 µg/L, nearly five times the EPA's limit. Wier installed a reverse osmosis water filtration system, but she said the arsenic level rises before she changes the filters every few months.ღ


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1812J0630680JFR웃Cravalho will also be an executive producer on the project.▋CC0201CRNPO8BN5R0✑"We can advance with what we've got, and I think we can be successful. But we will lose a lot of people," Zelenskyy told public broadcasters through an interpreter. "I think that is unacceptable. We need to wait."✃

☚That means a royalist, military-backed government could still return to power if they retain the backing of the 250-member, military appointed Senate. The prime minister is chosen by a simple majority of a vote by the house and the senate, meaning the royalist, military establishment could return to power with just 126 House seats.➻


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1206Y0100562KCR◑Ironically, Trump's numbers have improved with the GOP since Trump rang the alarm of a potential arrest. He's boxed out GOP presidential opponents, who are scared of offending the base, especially since even more anti-Trump Republicans, like Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, are criticizing the New York case. And, according to his campaign, Trump has raised more than $7 million in the days since the indictment.❤GA1210Y561JBEAT31G☀GREEN: The Iraqis, in DOD's eyes, were supposed to be rejoicing that Saddam's regime was gone. And it took them a long time to accept our analyst judgment that the Iraqi people were devolving into civil war.❀


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STPS8L30DEE-TR﹌NEW YORK — The co-founder of a fundraising group linked to Steve Bannon that promised to help Donald Trump construct a wall along the southern U.S. border was sentenced to four years and three months in prison on Wednesday for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from donors.☃S3DHE3_A/I↖"You can see where there might be a lot of problems," she said, "especially if the patient is African American, undocumented, Latino — something that makes them prone to being criminalized."↣

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