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▎While online school rarely happens, because of frequent power outages, her singing lessons have resumed in person. In an after-school center not far from her home, she warms up by singing Do Re Mi Fa So, as the instructor plays the notes on a piano. Sofiia is working on a solo, and she takes the microphone as the instrumental track plays from the speakers. The other girls watch as she sways and belts out the song, a semblance of normal in a still chaotic time.⊙


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1206Y0500224MXTE03❣Richmond has a population of 35,000.◐TBJE226K035CSSB0000❐In a country as fixated on traditional marriage as India, activists believe a legalization of same-sex unions would help shift societal attitudes. The Supreme Court has already ruled in favor of the LGBTQ+ community in several high-profile cases in the past decade. It decriminalized same-sex relations in 2018, undoing a colonial-era law that had been in force since India's independence in 1947. In 2014, it recognized India's transgender community as a legal third gender and set aside quotas for them in public-sector jobs.▤


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TBJE337K010LRLC0H00☢The speed with which the state legislature passed several DeSantis-backed proposals shows how he has consolidated power in Florida’s Capitol.♥GRM188R71H122JA01D✡This week, lawmakers in Pennsylvania's state Senate voted heavily in favor of a ban on supervised drug injection sites, with 22 Democrats supporting the measure. It hasn't yet been approved by the state House.↢

✎Wasserson also reached out to a United Airlines board member, who arranged for the airline to cover the cost of Orlov's flights to the U.S.Ю

▔The charging documents confirm Teixeira posted the documents in a private channel on a social media platform though did not specifically identify it. But according to posts from his friends on social media viewed by NPR, Teixeira posted the classified documents in a group chat on the platform Discord.➞

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