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➳Under pressure from the state, Treat began upgrading the water treatment system in May, at a cost of $150,000. To cover the cost, he said, he aims to raise the monthly rent from $250 to $300 per lot.⇈HZ16-3L-E◨While frequently sniping at each other, the Democratic president and the governor have seen their administrations work together after disasters. That includes last year's Hurricane Ian, which killed more than 140 people and left thousands homeless, and the 2021 collapse of a condo tower in Surfside, which killed 98.⊙ER1025-05JS❁"Of course, rumors about Corden acting in a crass manner off-screen don't help, culminating in a mini scandal of sorts last year, when the owner of a swanky New York restaurant, Balthazar, briefly banned the host amid allegations of ""abusive"" and ""extremely nasty"" behavior. Corden wound up delivering a lengthy apology on The Late Late Show to try and straighten it out.▨1812Y2500474JXT▫An analysis commissioned by the Fertilizer Institute, a group that represents the fertilizer industry, disagrees, saying that using phosphogypsum in road construction won't produce radioactive doses that are above the EPA's acceptable risks. Such work, it stated, "can be done safely and results in doses that are a small fraction of those arising from natural background radiation."▀

♡"It's not only about protecting us, but it's about protecting our community. And that's a different calculus, where it's now within the government's interests to make sure that these diseases are not spreading," Deshmukh said.♩SRR5018-8R9Y☟India imposed a nationwide ban on TikTok and dozens of other Chinese apps, including the messaging app WeChat, in 2020 over privacy and security concerns. The ban came shortly after a clash between Indian and Chinese troops at a disputed Himalayan border killed 20 Indian soldiers and injured dozens.▦

➤They typically get along well with other dogs and small children, according to the AKC.◊

⇡On Thursday, his lawyer posed friendly questions, eliciting from Sheeran how he became interested in music after joining a church choir with his mother when he was 4.⇠


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0603J0160122JFT☜A U.S. service member was wounded in a series of new attacks Friday targeting U.S. bases in Syria following Thursday's fatal drone attack on a U.S. base, a U.S. official confirmed to CBS News.➘2220Y6K00120KCR⊕When asked about the potential charges against him and penalties they would carry, she says that's "way, way down the line," telling All Things Considered there are plenty of hurdles to get through first.↶


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1210J2000154JXT♡DHAKA, Bangladesh — Thousands of people hunkered down Sunday in monasteries, pagodas and schools, seeking shelter from a powerful storm that slammed into the coast of Myanmar, tearing the roofs off buildings and killing at least three people.⇪0603Y2000120KFR♣In addition, Erdogan was widely blamed for a slow and initially inadequate response to February's devastating earthquake that left more than 50,000 dead and millions homeless.•


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