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0819R-44H↖Weaver works for CareSouth, a nonprofit health center that has a federal government designation as a safety net provider.⇛LQW18AN17NG80D◑After five days, police finally spotted her by helicopter, standing on a dirt road and waving her arms, about 37 miles away from the nearest town. Video of the rescue shared by police shows Lillian bending over in a gesture of sheer relief as a police car approaches on the ground.♐


➪Fourteen is typically the minimum age required to be employed, though can vary "depending upon the particular age of the minor and the particular job involved," the DOL said.ⓔM39006/22-0586H→A suspect is in custody after two elite high-school cheerleaders were shot — one of whom was critically injured — in a Texas supermarket parking lot after one of them mistakenly tried to get into the wrong car after a late-night practice.º1206J0160333GCT⇑Thompson is being held in a Dallas County jail. Court records show he will be represented by state-appointed counsel but did not list the name or contact information of his attorney.♦2225J1K00102FCT➥"Government is at its best when it's relatable to people and we're so thankful that the public continues to enjoy and learn from us on social media," he wrote.↚

⇡"It could affect the pay of federal workers who process VA claims, or the VA doctors and nurses," he added.▋CC0603CRNPO0BN2R7▀Arya Sinulingga, an executive committee member of Indonesia's national soccer association PSSI, was concerned about further repercussions.◫


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2220Y5K00391GCR◘If the council chooses to do so, it could vote to appoint an interim successor as soon as Monday night, Shulman told Axios.♀SP1008-821G↶Earlier that year, the university announced that actor and alumnus Phylicia Rashad would serve as the dean of the fine arts school, named after the late actor Chadwick Boseman, a Howard alum.╬

▄Ellsberg did just that. On June 13, 1971, the first story ran atop the front page.►


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UP050CH151J-A-BZ⚘As a critic, I've never loved Corden's habit of fawning over celebrity guests. All late night hosts have to do such things on some level, but his style of celebrity worship can feel especially grating – a kissing up which communicates he and celebrity are in a special club which excludes the rest of us. Not a great look for a TV personality trying to build ratings.◑04025U1R0DAT2A↜In Russia, officials on Monday said a Ukrainian drone had struck an energy facility in the Bryansk region, which borders northern Ukraine. Bryansk regional governor Alexander Bogomaz said on Telegram that the strike had cut off electricity to a village.┱

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