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✲Their proposed targets include hospitals, school systems, medical licensing boards and, the holy grail, pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.⇤CDR31BP100BKUP\M1K↿"We are investigating the amount of money that she got from victims," Surachate said.↨C326C681K3G5TA7301☎"After five days of intensive dialogue and negotiations in my office, I am pleased to share that the Rutgers University and union bargaining committees have come to an agreement," Gov. Murphy said in a statement.⊟1206Y0100150JCT➳"I accept full responsibility for my actions," he said in a statement. "While I did not intend to cause any harm or offense with my language, I know that I did and for that I am deeply sorry."▎

☺But his critics are not convinced.➳C320C681J3G5TA7301ºDETROIT — BMW is warning the owners of about 90,000 older vehicles in the U.S. not to drive them due to an increasing threat that the air bags might explode in a crash.➼

▨In addition to reports of a soft ad market, Paramount Global is doing considerable restructuring. Earlier this year, Showtime merged with MTV Entertainment Studios.»

↿Rice, whose last day on the job will be May 26, also was a major player in the Biden administration's efforts to manage surging migrant numbers at the U.S.-Mexico border by turning away many migrants who crossed the border illegally. Instead, the U.S. has agreed to accept thousands of migrants per month as long as they come legally, have eligible sponsors and pass vetting and background checks. The decisions were seen as a shift to the right by some immigrant advocates who criticized the administration for moving away from promises to be more humane on immigration policies.☪


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GMC21X7R181K50NT➚North Dakota joins at least 13 other states that have enacted laws restricting or banning gender-affirming care for minors.↯TBJD106K035LRLC0024☁Attendance at themes parks and resorts drove revenue this quarter. Disney's Parks, Experiences and Products division increased its profits by 20% to $2.2 billion.★


⊙"While California still believes Mifepristone is central to the preferred regimen for medication abortion, the State negotiated and purchased an emergency stockpile of Misoprostol in anticipation of Friday's ruling by far-right federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk to ensure that California remains a safe haven for safe, affordable, and accessible reproductive care," Newsom's office said in a statement provided to NPR.☝1808J1K20272MXT⇓So she's a champion of being realistic rather than fatalistic.☎2225J1K00821FCT☛In their statement, Springer's family asked fans to "make a donation or commit and act of kindness to someone in need" in his memory, noting "as he always said, 'Take care of yourself, and each other.' "◎DZ23C3V0-HE3-18⇔He's quiet as they walk back to the car. His mom is in tears. "When you see how many people are there," she says. "They are somebody's son, husband, father." Bohdan pipes in: "Someone's grandsons!"□

▤Faith Community Church "is doing the heavy lifting," Hung says. "We are asking them to take care of the property and steward the property, find community renters and nonprofits."▶C0603C471J5RALTU⇜Idaho Gov. Brad Little had signed legislation Tuesday evening that criminalizes gender-affirming care for youth.⊙

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