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㊣"That means that's going to favor extremism, it's going to favor polarization. And we might say, 'you know what? That's not the best way to do the news,'" Radsch said.➦


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1641R-271K⇁GREEN: Soon we saw that weapons and ammunition storage depots were being emptied. We saw the rise of Shia militias with support from Iran. In some cases, the goal of some of these militias was to take revenge on the Sunnis and to make sure they never had the ability to subjugate the Shia populace again. We saw the Sunni tribes arming themselves. Sunni Shia shrines were being attacked and groups of Shia civilians were attacked.➹CDLL753◙Former Minister of Tourism René Trabelsi told Tunisian radio Mosaique FM he was at the Ghriba synagogue with family members during the attack. He described the place as almost empty because most visitors had already left the site.☇


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1N4496US❈Charles Collier, 61, said he saw the coroner's van drive by with its lights on in Glen Allen, where he owns a storage facility.◎2220J1000222GCR⇇In another session on Friday, a judge granted Khan bail until next Wednesday in a series of cases filed against him since his arrest on Tuesday.£

☏Accurate polling can be hard to find in Turkey. Some recent polls see Erdogan and Kilicdaroglu in a tight race with neither winning more than 50%, which would lead to a second round between the two top candidates on May 28.큐


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T491A684K020AT4280◨A GoFundMe page that was apparently set up by Wilson Garcia said it was raising money to be able to send the bodies of his wife and his son, 8-year-old Daniel, back to their home country of Honduras.ⓞCDR33BP332AJUPAB⇡Here's a brief recap of Vallow Daybell's history, and the murder trial:❖

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