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➼It also underscores the need to better anticipate and mitigate supply disruptions, which he says are becoming more frequent and severe.☠VJ0805A272JLAAJ32▬Just because you may have been bitten, it doesn't mean you've contracted Lyme disease. The New York State Department of Health says in most cases, a tick must be attached for 36 hours or more before the bacteria can be transmitted.✿BLC9G22XS-400AVT▓Gomez and the child – both from Fort Worth, about 28 miles from Keene – fled the area, but Gomez eventually returned to the scene. Law enforcement tracked and arrested the child in Rio Vista, about 14 miles south of Keene. Police confiscated several firearms from the minor.⇉29683C↞Abbott's office did not return an email seeking comment Wednesday night. Last year, Abbott became the first governor to order the investigation of families who were receiving care. The investigations were later halted by a Texas judge.❤

♂15. ""Flashdance...What a Feeling"" — Irene Cara (1983)❄T95R156M050EZAL▱Its current location is close to the military's headquarters, where fighting has been heavy, preventing access to the museum.☄

➡The indictment unsealed Tuesday includes 34 counts of falsifying business records with "intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof." That's a Class E felony — the lowest level of felony in the state of New York.✄


◙"Just like we had to, a long time ago, transition from coal as your energy source, we do have to transition. There are clean energy alternatives," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said in an interview with Good Day New York.◎CC0805GPNPO9BN470【"Items from Kurt Cobain or Nirvana are becoming more difficult to obtain and they are one of the highest in terms of collectability of all rock bands," Darren Julien, the CEO of Julien's Auctions, told NPR.▉1808J0160820JDR➲Ozanam Center shelter director Victor Maldonado said he reviewed the shelter's surveillance footage after receiving a call about the crash, The Associated Press reported.↔FDP047N08-F10↕Among the charges is that Murdaugh defrauded the estate of Gloria Satterfield, the housekeeper who died at his property in 2018, out of almost $3.5 million, prosecutors say.▒

✲Baldwin still stars in it, Souza is still the director and Hutchins' widower Matthew is now the executive producer, a title he got in a settlement after dropping his wrongful death lawsuit against Baldwin and the other producers of Rust.✐VJ1206V154MXBTW1BC♟The Office of National Drug Control Policy told KFF Health News it regularly discusses the use of settlement dollars with governors, mayors, and other elected officials to ensure the money bolsters federal efforts already underway. Beating the opioid epidemic by disrupting drug trafficking and expanding access to treatment is one of the four pillars of Biden's "unity agenda."↨


With the Ukraine war now entering its second year, Rapp predicts Putin may taken even more aggressive action this year.↕IPW60R045CP✎"Doyle was married to the love of his life, Louise, for 62 years. Goodbye—and rest in peace—to the most beloved poker player in history," he added.◊GRM1886P1H8R8DZ01D☆The indictment is historic. Trump is the first former president to face charges.↷1210Y2500820KFT✿And then there's the timing complications that could arise if Trump is charged in one of the other three investigations he's facing.▤

♔Sheeran sat with his legal team throughout the trial, defending himself against the lawsuit by Townsend's heirs. They said "Thinking Out Loud" had so many similarities to "Let's Get It On" that it violated the song's copyright protection.1206Y1000680JFT♖The women's tournament has been smashing viewership records – part of a surging interest in women's college basketball in recent years. Buoyed by star power (Caitlin Clark and Aliyah Boston, namely), this year's Final Four matchups were the two most-watched (men's or women's) college basketball games ever on ESPN and its streaming service ESPN+, averaging 4.5 million viewers.✦


➧National Treasure entered Saturday's race at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore as the second betting choice behind Mage, who pulled off a longshot victory at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month. But in the end, Blazing Sevens came in second by a narrow margin and Mage took third.▨VJ1206A181JXBAP▫In the past decade or so, gentrification and exploding housing costs in cities such as San Francisco and Oakland drove displaced poor people here — especially people of color. As Oakland's Black population shrank, Antioch's grew.«CWR11MK685KC\TR⇆The summary mentioned the Pentagon's reviews of the explosion at Abbey Gate at the Kabul airport and an errant U.S. airstrike that killed an Afghan civilian and members of his family. It did not say whether the rest of his family has been relocated or if they have received condolence payments yet.♨2220Y6300105KXTWS2☺Vapes will also be required to have packaging consistent with pharmaceutical products. "No more bubble gum flavors, no more pink unicorns, no more vapes deliberately disguised as highlighter pens for kids to be able to hide them in their pencil cases," Butler added.↬

⇉Uvalde police policy urges officers to act quickly, stating that they should move swiftly to the shooter and “stop the violence.” It also notes that, ideally, the first two to five officers should form a team and enter the building. The footage shows that at least three officers were just beyond school grounds together before Ramos walked into the building.☄VJ1206A152JXBMR∷"We're going to have to kick it into an even higher gear when that veto stamp comes down," Cooper told the crowd. "If just one Republican in either the House or the Senate keeps a campaign promise to protect women's reproductive health, we can stop this ban."♥


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