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☊Martin: We're all sort of limited by our language, right? Maybe some people use the word God because we don't know what other words to ascribe to these ideas or experiences.√1210CC333MAT1A░He added that only three days before Friday's attack, the families met with judges leading the 2013 case.⇛BZX84C8V2-7-F❧Over the weekend, the protesters had occupied the ministry's lobby but were evicted by police early Monday, according to Norwegian broadcaster NRK. They shifted their protest to chaining themselves outside the main entrance to the ministry, prompting authorities to urge employees to work from home."⇋RBQ30T45ANZC9↑Mujahid blamed the international organization for the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan through the restriction on Afghan banks, freezing of Afghan foreign reserves and the multiple sanctions against the Taliban. "Afghans," Mujahid said, "have the capacity to stand on their own feet."⇏

✉And these issues may make Bang's diagnosis more evident in the near future, says Kim.⇓PM5022-151M-RC♩When asked whether she was trying to derail Trump's 2024 presidential campaign, Daniels laughed. "He doesn't need my help for that. He's going to do that on his own," she quipped.◣

⏎“Expect that invite,” Majcunich-Beasley responded.◦


ⓛThis year's Derby will be run after a number of high-profile deaths and injuries at the famed track.▶C0805C222G1GACTU↷"We could get all turned around and he would just think for a minute, get reoriented in a way that always eluded me, and would tell me the right direction to drive," Cadwallader Staub recalled.➷BZX79-B36,113☚In February, two soldiers were injured when an Apache helicopter rolled after taking off from Talkeetna. The aircraft was one of four traveling to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage from Fort Wainwright.∴C1206H161J2GACT500↨In a written statement, agency officials said they were working with law enforcement and state officials to overcome barriers to full and accurate reporting.→

⊕Australia will ban single-use disposable vapes, and it will also allow all doctors to write prescriptions for vaping products. Currently, only one in 20 Australian doctors are authorized to do so.➲VJ1812A120GCFAR↕Jyoti Malhotra, a Delhi-based media critic, says everyone in India knows what a tax search means. "What they're saying is that you better fall in line," she explains. "This is not the first time that a media organization has been raided. What's surprising is that they went after a foreign organization, BBC, which is a household name in India and has a reputation for fairness and objectivity."❏


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ER1641-221KP☣"For both the South Korea and Japanese governments, the resumption of 'shuttle diplomacy' in itself is a win," he said, referring to regular visits between leaders.➫SSM3K341R,LF❧The employees who shared their experiences with the Times say they filed complaints with the league's human resources department and were overlooked by the league — telling the newspaper they were left feeling demoralized despite promises by officials to improve the workplace culture and working conditions for women in the league.×

⋄The second bill extending the death penalty to adults convicted of sexually battering a child under 12 was signed into law by DeSantis on May 1. That measure is likely to be challenged in court, as it contradicts a previous U.S. Supreme Court ruling.❀

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