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▬"If we have more matter falling into the black hole, it'll create a thicker ring. And if we have a smaller amount of matter falling in, it should create a thinner ring, right?" she says.✆1825Y2500220GCR⇜"As you're probably aware these locations are fairly complicated places to operate," says O'Leary. "There's political instability, insecurity and protracted, complex humanitarian emergencies." He says these hot spots are the "engines" driving the outbreaks of vaccine-derived polio globally.★BUK961R4-30E,118♠Her death marks the last chance for anyone to be held accountable for a kidnapping and brutal murder that shocked the world.◊CWR09JB225KCB☃"I wanted to have a space where the stories of Black girls and Black women were being shared in this kind of culture of infotainment when it comes to true crime," Rivers said in an interview with NPR last year.►

☄One of Mexico's oldest organized crime groups, the Gulf Cartel is based in the city of Matamoros, directly across from the U.S. border in Brownsville, Texas. The cartel has been losing strength in recent years as rivals and internal factions fight for control of drug-trafficking routes into the U.S. along the border.↘C0603X7R250-392MNE☼Donanemab also comes with that risk. Lilly said in its study, the brain side effects caused the deaths of two participants and a third also died after a serious case.➳


☆Testing of some debris samples from the fire confirmed the presence of asbestos, the EPA said, and the agency was working with professionals in Indiana and Ohio to remove the hazardous material.⇤VJ0201A390GXXCW1BC❥After that first performance, the choir played many other concerts — in music halls, private homes and at weddings. At public concerts, half of their repertoire consisted of Christian hymns, arias and choruses popular at the time, sung in English. The rest were religious songs written by Black South African composers.↻0805Y0161P20DFR⊙During the closure, Wawona, Crane Flat area and Hetch Hetchy will be open. Mariposa Grove will be open, but only via hike. Western Yosemite Valley will be open, but no services will be available, and parking will be limited and visitors cannot park off-road, the park said.♦SQCAEM270FAJME➢LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Unified School District workers have approved a labor deal following a three-day strike over wages and staffing that halted education for students in one of the nation's largest school systems.♥

⇙Construction and music have been creative outlets for Renner, who is best known for playing the superhero Hawkeye in the Marvel "Avengers" films and his own spin-off TV series.◄0603Y0500561KCR◎Workers in Old Bridge Township found 15 wheel-barrow loads of "illegal dumped pasta along a creek in a residential neighborhood," Old Bridge Business Administrator Himanshu Shah told NPR.☋


↵"What we've created is a highly accurate photorealistic 3D model of the wreck," 3D capture specialist Gerhard Seiffert says. "Previously footage has only allowed you to see one small area of the wreck at a time. This model will allow people to zoom out and to look at the entire thing for the first time ... This is the Titanic as no one had ever seen it before."➯1210Y0100333KCT▐Although your Korean American heritage takes a backseat in this book, race still plays a role. You grew up in Summit, a predominantly white town, but every Saturday, you went to Korean school in Tenafly, N.J., which has a large population of Korean immigrants. There, you say, you felt like an outsider. Why was that?◈TBJV226K050CRSB0000☎"It's uncomfortable when we see the labor market weaken, but given how vexing inflation has been over the last two years, some softening of the labor market is necessary," said Sarah House, senior economist at Wells Fargo.⇩C0805C911G5HACAUTO⇋Last month, TikTok Chief Executive Shou Zi Chew faced withering questions from lawmakers in Washington, as he attempted to mollify bipartisan fears about the social media app.▦

☣"They reached out to me given the soft tissue injuries, and I agreed we'd be able to help in this case," Dr. Fufa told CBS MoneyWatch.↯CC0603FRNPO9BN510▫But we're going to be living with COVID-19 for ... a while. Wen, who gave birth to her second child during the pandemic, says "it has become clear that this coronavirus will be with us for the foreseeable future and is an infectious disease that must be prevented, treated, and managed, like other serious conditions. The focus should shift from population-wide measures to safeguarding the most vulnerable and investing in better vaccines and treatments to help those at highest risk from severe outcomes due to COVID-19."«

◆Ireland has approved new rules that will require extensive health labeling on alcoholic beverages, including cancer warnings and a calorie count.♂


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1808J0500181MDR⇩New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, in a news conference Wednesday, thanked Zoo Miami for stopping the encounter program. “They’ve acknowledged that what they were doing wasn’t appropriate, or wasn’t right, or wasn’t fair, to the kiwi,” he said.▨JANTX2N2919L○Prosecutors Kari T. Morrissey and Jason J. Lewis wrote in a statement that they had been preparing for a preliminary hearing when law enforcement turned over new evidence. "New facts were revealed that demand further investigation and forensic analysis," they wrote, adding they were therefore dismissing involuntary manslaughter charges against Baldwin in order to investigate further. "This decision does not absolve Mr. Baldwin of criminal culpability and charges may be refiled."⇥


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