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▶When the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched in 1988, the goal was to extinguish polio by the year 2000. At the time, polio was still paralyzing hundreds of thousands of people a year, and some cases were even fatal.✯VJ0805Q151FFAAI∷This isn't a school for students with hearing disabilities, but Mr. Steve uses ASL as part of a broader approach to minimize noise in the classroom. And it's noticeably quiet. No one is talking louder than what's often referred to in Montessori schools as "the hum."☢1206J1000331FCR↵The NAACP, long an advocate for Black Americans, joined the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), a Latino civil rights organization, and Equality Florida, a gay rights advocacy group, in issuing travel advisories for the Sunshine State, where tourism is one of the state's largest job sectors.↘CWR09KC156KB\W✉In Oregon, research by Aliza Kaplan, a defense attorney, found that since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled non-unanimous verdicts unconstitutional, close to 20% of petitions for appeal have come from Black inmates, even though African Americans make up less than 3% of the state's population.«

➻Cena remembers saying he'd do it on TV — and his brother daring him.♀1808Y2500222FFT↽"A month later, President Trump tweeted, to the surprise of military advisors, that the remaining U.S. troops in Afghanistan should be 'home by Christmas!,'" the assessment notes, but Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff, testified in September 2021 that "on November 11, he had received an unclassified signed order directing the U.S. military to withdraw all forces from Afghanistan no later than January 15, 2021. One week later, that order was rescinded and replaced with one to draw down to 2,500 troops by the same date."➫

⇆Galveston, Texas, has some of the fastest sea level rise in the world. To protect the city, engineers need to know how fast ice in West Antarctica will melt. Scientists are racing to figure it out, often camping out on the ice for weeks on end to study the effects of climate change.▉


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JAN1N4577AUR-1⇖The seven were the latest victims of mass shootings in the U.S., whose targets included Christian elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee; a bank in Louisville, Kentucky and a Sweet 16 party in a small city in Alabama.▧VJ0805D181MXCAR♦The effect, as Dominion alleged in its suit, represented an intense effort to win back voters alienated by that original Arizona call for Biden. Each new phase of the case — from discovery to motions detailing some of the findings through depositions and a review of millions of documents to the cross-examination of witnesses in the trial portion — brought the potential for greater scrutiny of Fox and reputational damage.↹


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2225J2K00562KXR☢El Chapo is serving a life sentence in a maximum security prison in Colorado after being convicted in 2019 of charges including drug trafficking, money laundering and weapons-related offenses.➼0603J0250561KXT◎The form requires you to input your name, address, contact information, birthday, Facebook handle and payment information.ⓞ


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VJ0603Q330JXAAP➡Being financially responsible in the U.S. has come to mean "borrow and repay," says Barbara Kiviat, an economic sociologist at Stanford University.☢RB050LA-40TFTR✆After hearing from victims’ families and loved ones, Judge Sean McPartland sentenced Rush to 30 years in prison and ordered him to pay $300,000 to the families of Cox and Owens, who will each receive half. The decision — which Cox’s mother decried as a “slap on the wrist” — came after Rush entered a plea agreement in March, which lessened his second-degree murder charges to two counts of involuntary manslaughter. Under that agreement, the court also dismissed five of the 15 other charges he originally faced, according to court records.◙


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