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"I thought I had been shot with a real bullet and was bleeding out," Stallings later said. Believing the group to be civilians, he used his own gun to fire toward the van — and it wasn't until he heard them yell, "Shots fired!" Stallings said, that he realized he had fired at the police.▧CDR32BP680BKZMAT✌Her campaign also relied more than any in history on the Democratic Party of Wisconsin's financial support, so much so that Protasiewicz vowed to recuse herself from cases involving the state party once she takes office.◄0805Y0630151JAR⇒"The move will enable the mission to postpone shutting down a science instrument until 2026, rather than this year," NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said this past week.▒VJ0603Q120GFBAI▬Then came the war. With Russia just 18 miles away, Russian soldiers bombed and shot at the neighborhood as they tried to occupy it, destroying most buildings.♦

❑Not only that, they have refused to stay silent – documenting the number of deaths and injuries, speaking out against human rights abuses and appealing for support from the international community. A joint statement with partner organizations abroad – including the Sudan Doctors Union-Canada, Sudanese American Physicians Association, Physicians for Human Rights and others – implores that the "international community and international organizations must also act swiftly to secure safe passage for civilians fleeing the war and prepare shelter, food, and medical services for internally displaced people and refugees."⇋193G↔Broad areas of turbulence can be forecast by meteorologists, but specific, localized areas of clear-air turbulence present challenges for cockpit crews, says Carlo Scalo, an associate professor who studies turbulence at Purdue University.➡


◆Experts say large trees can store significant volumes of carbon dioxide and keep the gas from warming the planet as it enters the atmosphere.♧MLF2012D68NMT000☁"The extraordinary effort behind this discovery speaks for the enduring truth of Australia's solemn national promise to always remember and honour those who served our country," Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said. "This is the heart and the spirit of Lest We Forget."➪06036A220KAT2A▀High school student Perry had a glorious Summer of Slack all planned out, full of fishing, teasing her go-getter twin sister Pauline, and generally enjoying life. But then she accidentally wrecks her car, and to pay back her Auntie Daunis for the repairs, she has to take a job with one of the tribal-affiliated businesses in the Kinomaage Summer Internship Program. Perry is not amused to be assigned to the last remaining and least desirable internship role — working for Cooper Turtle, the odd manager of the Sugar Island Cultural Learning Centre.⊕1206J1K50151JCT☂"In my mind, it may not be worth the risk," Jim Fredericks, senior vice president at the National Pest Management Association, told NPR.➭

⏎Ilana Masad is a fiction writer, book critic, and author of the novel All My Mother's Lovers.❖C1210C222G8HACAUTO★"One of the factors courts look at is whether the work is for commercial use or some other non-commercial use like education?" Soler said. "In this case, it was a series of works that were for a commercial purpose according to the Supreme Court, and so there was no fair use."✣


▰The Reconstruction-era precedent, Krishnakumar says, "highlights the fact that this is an unusual, rare step for a legislature to take — and that it's something legislatures don't tend to do in times of normal politics."√JANTX1N4122CUR-1◪And for the first time at any coronation, girl choristers from around the U.K. will sing alongside the legendary boy sopranos of the Choir of Westminster Abbey.◇199D226X0016D1V1E3☝In comments, others remembered O'Neill as "the epitome of a community leader — the most badass advocate" and a "champion for every woman and girl in the outdoors."₪IHLP3232DZERR47M01●A best practice manual for handling kiwi published by New Zealand's Department of Conservation says the "preferred model" for public events with kiwi is for people to have their photograph taken standing or sitting next to a kiwi that is being held by an accredited handler, rather than allowing members of the public to handle one themselves.☂

♠LOUISVILLE, Ky. — After seven deaths raised questions about the future of horse racing, Mage earned a surprising Kentucky Derby victory on Saturday, capping a nerve-rattling day that included two more fatalities ahead of the 149th edition of the world's most famous race.✆BC846C⇔A new bill proposed in California would address that by creating a public alert system similar to those designed to help find abducted children and older adults who've gone missing.↜

✂As for where I find optimism, I'll tell you — I start my day with prayer and I end my day with prayer. That's the biggest thing in my life. I'm a Roman Catholic and for me, that's where it all starts. Prayer is very personal. My prayer is between me and my God. But of course, I also pray with other people. In Kenya, a lot of our meetings actually start with a prayer.◊


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SCRH103R-150◇New Mexico is second to Wyoming, with a population of about 581,000, where around 17 people per million were killed by police.⇁VJ0805A680KXGAT5Z▰Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen sent top leaders a letter late Monday reiterating the U.S. could hit the debt ceiling as early as June 1.❖

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