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♟Mujahid blamed the international organization for the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan through the restriction on Afghan banks, freezing of Afghan foreign reserves and the multiple sanctions against the Taliban. "Afghans," Mujahid said, "have the capacity to stand on their own feet."★


❑Erdogan has governed Turkey, first as prime minister and then as president, for two decades. He was once seen as a reformer and champion of the working class, and this election has presented the most serious challenge yet to his leadership.★RBR15BM30ATL░A year ago, McCann was working at a cheerleading gym in the city called Buffalo All-Star Extreme, or BASE.♪VS-12F100M☠Penny Dale is a freelance journalist, specializing in human interest and historical storytelling. She worked at the BBC World Service for 20 years, including three years as a reporter in her home country Zambia. She is now based in London, where she writes, makes podcasts and radio documentaries and trains journalists.▣M39014/22-0674☁Malani does believe that too much worry is not good for you: Fear of COVID or severe anxiety out of proportion to risk can lead to depression and other mental health concerns, says Malani.⊠

⇡Warmer average temperatures have meant less snow and more ice in the region over the last decade or so, one Sami herder told Phillips, and reindeer cannot forage for their preferred food, lichen, through ice.✪C1812C684J5RALTU↥Derrick Johnson, the national president of the NAACP, is himself a resident of Jackson. At a community meeting earlier this month, he said the policing law would treat Black people as "second-class citizens."☚


↨Hospitals have been explicit targets in the conflict. They've been stormed by fighters with machine guns drawn, who hijack the buildings to establish strategic bases for their urban warfare, – and they've been targeted with aerial bombing.➙SQCFVA240FAT1A◆It is the most yearly deaths and attempted suicides recorded by the BJS since 2016. The number of attempted suicides nearly doubled from 2021, according to the study, which also found that more than half of all the inmates who were held in the jails during that same time period were never convicted of a crime.▱1206J1000390GAT▥However, according to Larson and other cybersecurity researchers consulted by NPR, it's more likely that the scammers on Facebook are pure opportunists, frequently trolling for crises to try and find more gullible victims.06031A150J4T2A↴President Joe Biden requested $15 billion over the next 10 years in his 2024 budget to fund expanded access to the Community Eligibility Program. The administration says this would expand the program to an additional 9 million children around the country.❀

▎The unions said it was the first strike at the university since 1987, when clerical, dining hall, technical and maintenance workers walked out after contract talks broke down.☍12102U5R1BAT2A▒"Twitter's decision to label NPR as a state media outlet flies in the face of years of research, all evidence about NPR's funding and governance, and Twitter's own policies and principles," Roth said in a message to NPR.▃


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K472M10X7RF5UL2➛"Y'all better go back to shipping out DVDs that was more your speed," another person said.⇧WKO472MCPDRUKR⇩The Times of Israel reported that Israel Defense Forces said in a statement that the shots had been fired toward a military post near Jit, west of Nablus, where troops of the Golani Brigade's Reconnaissance Battalion were stationed during what the IDF called "proactive activity." The soldiers returned fire, "neutralizing" three of the Palestinian assailants, the IDF told Times of Israel.❤


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TSM480P06CI C0G█Local TV news footage showed a man in uniform staggering down a street as he attempted to swat away droves of bees before he lost his balance and fell to the ground on Monday.▶594D108X06W3R2T⇋Among those in attendance were Tetiana Lytvynenko and her 9-year-old daughter Darina. The mother worked as graphic designer and brand strategist at a resort in Bucha that was destroyed by Russian bombs. She was one of 400 employees thrown out of work as a result. Lytvynenko's husband remains in Ukraine where he is serving in the military.♦

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