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▷For example, someone may identify as Chinese or Chinese American.➸VJ0603Y821KXBAC↟"So already, allowing Charles to be king while divorced himself and married to a divorced woman is a sign of tremendous change, the removal of the word consort legitimating that is really a highly modern gesture that conforms much more realistically to modern marriage practices and to the king's new role," Gullace says.☆3094-392JS↠"We reject this manufactured 'ethics crisis' at the Supreme Court as a ploy to further Democrats' efforts to undermine public confidence and change the makeup of the Court," said the letter signed by top Judiciary Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. and other GOP members on the panel.☣1825J0100331GCT♭Vaughns' path to this point had already been winding and challenging. He had spent three years at the University of Texas. In 2018, he was redshirted and didn't play. He played 10 games in 2019 and then in 2020 didn't play a game.➤

◈"We've got to find a safe landing pattern," Mountjoy said. "Come up with a way to reduce the pumping or increase the groundwater supply."☜IRFR7446PBF➙Several South Korean singers and actors have died by suicide in recent years, which has touched off soul-searching about harsh competition in the fast-growing entertainment industry, an abusive online culture and failure by management to address the mental health problems of their stars.⇂


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VJ0805D111JXPAR┱The Palestinians view the raids as a tightening by Israel of its 55-year, open-ended occupation of lands they seek for their future state.➯1808Y0500684MXR♦Brazil's former President Jair Bolsonaro tweeted a photo of himself in a Florida hospital bed Monday after thousands of his supporters stormed his country's democratic institutions the day before – in scenes eerily similar to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.➳


☪Vaughns' path to this point had already been winding and challenging. He had spent three years at the University of Texas. In 2018, he was redshirted and didn't play. He played 10 games in 2019 and then in 2020 didn't play a game.●CLLE1AX7R0G473M050AC✎Employers added 236,000 jobs in March, according to a report from the Labor Department Friday. That's down from 326,000 jobs that were added the month before.【VSB3200-M3/54▩Many anticipated Syria's imminent return to the organization. The Arab rapprochement with Damascus accelerated after a deadly earthquake on Feb. 6 that shattered parts of the war-torn country, most notably from Saudi Arabia, which once backed opposition groups trying to overthrow Assad.☁GA1812A390GXAAT31G◈China's Xi, having recently secured an unprecedented third term as president, seeks to burnish China's international credentials amid deeply stressed ties with the United States and increasingly difficult ones with Europe. Leaders in Europe view China's close ties with Russia — their "no limits" partnership — with growing suspicion and skepticism.➸

◄As hot as the Earth's weather has been in recent years, it's about to get hotter: El Niño is on the way, with warmer sea temperatures promising new weather extremes, U.S. and international forecasters say.☠GA1812A151JBCAR31G↜One resulted from the fact that Saddam in the 1980s, prior to the first Gulf War in the early 90s, did have chemical and biological weapons.  And he did have a program to build nuclear weapons.➪


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1206Y2000473KER☣On February 27, when he tried to withdraw his money, it didn't work. Two days later, on March 1, the app stopped working completely and the website vanished.☪2220J1000273MXT➷But with armed resistance raging across the country, analysts say people in many areas are unlikely to vote and that they run the risk of reprisals if they do.▰


➱Investigators said in court documents filed Thursday that they believe five of those charged were present at the party on April 15 and "discharged firearms into the crowd," resulting in the deaths of four people.㊣CKC21C822MEGACAUTO➙Australia's wild koala populations have declined steeply in the past two decades.▣C315C473F3G5TA7301◊The so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partners — the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — have taken similar steps.➹C1206C223MARECAUTO➞"We're all skeptical about trying new things," Davis said. "But we feel it's important to just do our part and put it back in the ground."▒

░The rights organization has repeatedly flagged authorities' targeting of journalists, coupled with a broader crackdown on dissent that "has emboldened Hindu nationalists to threaten, harass and abuse journalists critical of the Indian government."►ER1641-122KM❥BERLIN — Five people go on trial in Germany on Wednesday accused of planning a far-right coup and plotting to kidnap the country's health minister.⇔


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