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♭Beals did not immediately respond to requests for comment. ERIC's executive director, Shane Hamlin, confirmed that the organization received Virginia's resignation Thursday, and Macaulay Porter, a spokesperson for Youngkin, confirmed in a statement that Virginia was withdrawing.▣


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08053C683JAT2A◈Brian Klosterboer, an attorney with the ACLU of Texas, told The Texas Tribune that the new dress code violates Title VII of the federal Civil Rights Act, which bans employment discrimination based on one's sexual orientation or gender identity, in addition to the First Amendment's right to free expression.§NX7002BKMYL▣"Sex ed really oversimplified it: 'The egg has been fertilized and it has implanted,'" says Carmel Shachar, who runs the Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology, and Bioethics at Harvard Law School. "What people don't realize is that there's a whole, very complex journey before that, that honestly usually is invisible."▌

☼The bottom line for those of us flying this summer is to plan ahead, prepare for the worst — and hope for the best.⇗


☀"The investigation into Mr. Shell arose from a complaint by my client of sexual harassment and sex discrimination," said Suzanne McKie, an attorney for Gamble, in a statement provided to NPR.♪LQP03HQ4N7J02D↗Carroll testified that writing about her encounter with Trump in a 2019 memoir led to her firing from Elle magazine, where she had worked as an advice columnist for 27 years, and even brought her death threats, leading her to buy bullets for a gun she possessed.▄0805J0630151GFR♈It's not clear why the warnings weren't treated more urgently by bank management – or higher-ups at the Fed.ΘC327C273F1G5TA7301↤The United Nations strongly condemned the attack by the Myanmar armed forces and said those responsible must be brought to justice, U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric said, stressing that the injured must receive medical treatment, which is "often a challenge in these circumstances."☣

☼The Apostolic Palace, which houses the papal apartments, key reception rooms and offices, is guarded around the clock by Swiss Guards and gendarmes who man various checkpoints.✄C1608X6S0G475M/0.80↑He says he'll stay on through June, to allow the government time to find a successor.➨


▔Agencies also determined, after reviewing intelligence, medical and scientific literature and open-source data, that there was "no credible evidence" that a foreign adversary was using a weapon or other collection device that resulted in symptoms.☪C0805C222KMREC▬The last big strike lasted more than three months, stretching from 2007 into 2008. Back then, people were up in arms over the fate of beloved shows like Grey's Anatomy. In the meantime, they fired up their DVD players to watch early seasons of The Wire and binge shows like Friday Night Lights and My So-Called Life.█SE70PJ-M3/86A§Hikers and outdoor enthusiasts should swap out dark pants or leggings for light-colored clothing to make it easier to see even the tiniest creatures. People heading outside can also use permethrin tick repellent on bags, shoes and socks, which should always be pulled over pants cuffs to prevent direct access to one's legs.•CDRH10D68RT125NP-680PC¤The synagogue was destroyed sometime around the late 14th century, but the Bible was safeguarded by a community member. The Bible resurfaced in 1929 and was offered for sale to David Solomon Sassoon, a scholar with a collection of Hebrew manuscripts. He purchased the Bible and it was named the Codex Sassoon for him.✎

↱Last week, Brynjolfsson, together with MIT economists Danielle Li and Lindsey R. Raymond, released what is, to the best of our knowledge, the first empirical study of the real-world economic effects of new AI systems. They looked at what happened to a company and its workers after it incorporated a version of ChatGPT, a popular interactive AI chatbot, into workflows.➫ECH8504-TL-H▶Wong was accused of reposting on Facebook a thread from an online forum that disclosed the details of the officer who fired three live rounds in the residential area of Sai Wan Ho on Hong Kong Island. One of the shots injured a protester and sparked a public outcry at the height of the protests.♨


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