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C1206X331M3HAC7800╬Oakland city Councilmember Kevin Jenkins called the California task force's work "a powerful example" of what can happen when people work together.↨M39014/22-0693↼"Schemes to privatize our elections have no place in Georgia or anywhere else and undermine the confidence of voters who have doubts about the legitimacy and accuracy of our elections and whether they were conducted with fairness and honesty," Ken Cuccinelli, a former Trump administration official who's now with the Election Transparency Initiative, said in a statement about the new Georgia bill.☣

↣He describes the health situation in Khartoum as "disastrous" — with planned procedures canceled and doctors fearing for their lives. Several hospitals have been attacked in the capital, which has borne the brunt of the fighting, and are fast running out of supplies.☭

➝"Today's unsealing of the indictment shows that the rule of law died in this country," Tacopina said outside the courthouse. "If this man's name was not Donald J. Trump there is no scenario we'd all be here today."✍


➹The assailant, a guard affiliated with the National Guard naval center in the port town of Aghir on Djerba, first killed a colleague with his service weapon before seizing ammunition and heading toward the Ghriba synagogue, the Tunisian Interior ministry said.↭C1206C334M5RACAUTO✣In Ukraine, through a videographer friend of his daughter's documenting the war, he was also connected to Vladyslav Orlov, a special operations Ukrainian soldier who in October had been severely injured by a Russian explosive device.➡GA1812A183GXAAT31G☣Fortunately these multiplex tests are "getting down to a price point of a few dollars a test," says Bausch.→CWR19MC106KCHA☋"Recent investigative reporting has identified multiple instances in which you or entities you own or control have made payments, purchased real estate, or provided gifts, travel, or other items of value to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and members of his family," Senate Judiciary Democrats said in their May 8th letter to Crow.□

↘Before the church closed, its members began meeting over Zoom with others who would soon be part of the new, merged parish. "People got to know each other," making for a smoother transition, Nnadozie says.⇥2225J1000121JFR○Tensions have simmered along the Lebanese border in recent weeks as Israel appears to have ratcheted up its shadow war against Iranian-linked targets in Syria, another close ally of Iran, Israel's archenemy in the region.❤


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1206Y2000273JDR⊠In a video posted on Telegram, Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin said the city came under complete Russian control at about midday Saturday. He spoke surrounded by about a half-dozen fighters, with ruined buildings in the background and explosions heard in the distance.❁1812J0500151GAT☝Ashley Macmillan said she, her husband and their children huddled with their dogs in a bathroom as a tornado passed, "praying and saying goodbye to each other, because we thought we were dead." A falling tree seriously damaged their home, but they escaped unhurt.⇉


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