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↺Cults are common in Kenya, which has a largely religious society.✣


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CGA3E2C0G1H3R3C080AD▄The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana filed a lawsuit rapidly after Holcomb signed the Indiana legislation — something the group had promised to do after Republican supermajorities advanced the ban this session. The American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho announced Wednesday it also planned to sue over that state's new law.☂APT44F80L▄China should be a reporter's dream: more than one billion people, a rich history, and extraordinary linguistic and cultural diversity. And yet China-reporting these days resists the profile. Rarely do journalists based there get enough material to write up convincingly full-bodied portraits.↺


▥"Here in Bushushu, 203 bodies have already been removed from the rubble," said Thomas Bakenga, administrator of Kalehe territory, where the affected villages are located.↽TBJC226K020CBDC0H24↗In December, Moscow said it had shot down drones three separate times over Engels airfield, an airbase in southern Russia more than 370 miles from Ukraine.♟2220Y5000153JFT⇟Divorced, the woman has lost custody of her 9-year-old son, a traumatic event that may have triggered a recurrence of her childhood speech anxiety. Though her son wants to live with her again, the woman's long-term muteness hinders her case for custody. Meanwhile, burdened by regret, the man narrates first-person chapters to his long-lost love, who he met as a teenager in Germany and who happens to be deaf. Their relationship had just begun when the man, then not much older than a boy, overstepped, proposing a lifelong commitment as a two disabled people, when she wasn't ready to accept her disability.☁1N4148-TAP☜The first death occurred on April 29. Code of Kings, a 3-year-old gelding, repeatedly kept flipping and broke his neck before a race, his trainer, Tim Glyshaw, told Daily Racing Form. Glyshaw added that his horse appeared to be fixated on the lights at a nearby DJ booth prior to turning over.♂

♡What is not as well-known is how many previous presidents came close — or might have come close — to confrontation with the U.S. criminal justice system.♔RHRG3040▣"She asked people she knows for money because she has a lot of credit card debt... and if they asked her for their money back she started killing them," Surachate told reporters.卍


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GA1206A151KXEBR31G↔During worship, some people clung to each other as they sang of God's goodness. Others wiped away tears as children waved palms to honor the Sunday before Easter. At one point, Parker called forth people who needed prayer and a few trickled to the altar.⇗1825Y0630684JXR❧Asked earlier whether he would accept new work requirements for some programs, Biden reiterated that he would not accept any that impact Medicaid – or, for other programs, cuts that go substantially beyond what currently exist.☂

⊡The current round of violence erupted earlier in the week after Israeli police raided the mosque, firing tear gas and stun grenades to disperse hundreds of Palestinians who had barricaded themselves inside. Violent scenes from the raid sparked unrest in the contested capital and outrage across the Arab world.⇧


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