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⇘The families blamed police for not notifying them directly that another girl from the same school had run off to become an ISIS bride just months earlier. Instead, police gave girls at the school a letter to hand to their parents. But they never actually handed it over.↔

▶More than 21 million people in Yemen, or two-thirds of the country's population, need help and protection, according to the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Among those in need, more than 17 million are considered particularly vulnerable.♚


➻Former BuzzFeed editor-in-chief, Ben Smith, discussed the early days of BuzzFeed News, where he worked alongside Peretti, on Morning Edition. Smith said that in the beginning, there was a mix of hard news, funny quizzes, and social media posts, which led to some media innovation. But with the 2016 United States election, this approach became toxic, as many people became "a little sick" of consuming news through Facebook and online algorithms.❁C0805C102F5GEC7210♨Attorney Pete Serano traveled from Washington State, where he represents three doctors accused of spreading false statements about COVID-19 and said finding a supportive community of lawyers and experts he can call for help is "monumental."유12062C222M4T2A۰On his LinkedIn profile, Momeni describes himself as an "IT Consultant/Entrepreneur" as well as the owner of a company called Expand IT.█VB30100C-E3/4W»The pension fund sold the Codex Sassoon 11 years later to Jacqui Safra, a banker and art collector, bought it in 1989 for $3.19 million ($7.7 million in today's dollars). Safra was the seller on Wednesday.↢

➧"Max's commitment to preserving the integrity of my books is important to me, and I'm looking forward to being part of this new adaptation which will allow for a degree of depth and detail only afforded by a long form television series," Rowling said in the press release announcing the show.↿06033C102KA12A➯Here is what we know about him:↼

◙Into that portal, he lowered a mic until it was touching the massive tangle of roots below.☝


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CDR32BP271BJZSAJ➬"Let me be perfectly clear: Holding food assistance hostage for those who depend on it — including 15.3 million of our children, 5.8 million of our seniors and 1.2 million of our veterans — in exchange for increasing the debt limit is a nonstarter," David Scott, D-Ga., House Agriculture Committee ranking member, said of McCarthy's proposal for work requirements.❀STF13N95K3☆Yoon suggested in January that South Korea might have to acquire its own nuclear weapons. Some observers in the U.S. and South Korea see that as Seoul's sovereign choice. But the declaration's language appears aimed at quashing any such aspirations.√

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