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♂As media coverage of gun violence seems stuck in an endless loop, narratives about heroic acts have taken on new prominence.♂


❏In the face of that history, Louisiana voters decided to take action. Five years ago, they amended the state constitution once again to change the laws around split-jury verdicts.▀AQ147M3R0CAJME☼That was the thrust of the governor's message, his communications director told NPR.⇩2220Y0100565JXT→News of Bou Samnang's persistence spread rapidly: Sports and news outlets around the world shared video of her finishing the women's 5,000-meter race (3.1 miles) on May 8 at the Southeast Asian Games, which Cambodia is hosting for the first time.↦ELL-CTV221M➥"We would have meetings repeatedly with some of the largest banks, and they gave a lot of lip service to these issues," Karp says. "Change is very, very slow."♪

◆Of course Gaither, who had been living in North Carolina for some three decades, was aware of the South Point mascot. But the display at the baseball game was the last straw, she says. She filmed it and sent a videotape to some like-minded community members on a Facebook page and spoke at local school board meetings calling for the Red Raider mascot to be retired.◆TAZD156K006CBSZ0000➞Kemp, famously known as "the Reign Man," was a six-time NBA All-Star during his career, with most of those appearances coming during his eight-season stint with the Seattle SuperSonics. The franchise moved to Oklahoma City roughly a decade after Seattle traded Kemp to the Cleveland Cavaliers.✥


】In Porter's superb first novel, Grief is the Thing With Feathers (2016), a father and his two young sons are unmoored by the sudden death of their mother. They find consolation in a big black crow that seems to have stepped out of the Ted Hughes poems the father is writing about for a scholarly book. This wise-cracking feathered friend takes up residence — metaphorical residence, at any rate — to help the grieving family navigate their loss.□JANTXV1N5537CUR-1⇉At the trial's start, attorney Ben Crump told jurors on behalf of the Townsend heirs that Sheeran himself sometimes performed the two songs together. The jury saw video of a concert in Switzerland in which Sheeran can be heard segueing on stage between "Let's Get It On" and "Thinking Out Loud." Crump said that was "smoking gun" proof he stole from the famous tune.⊠CDR34BX563BKUSAJ♖Last Friday, the World Health Organization ended the Public Health Emergency of International Concern that it announced three years ago when the virus that causes COVID-19 became a global threat. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ended its public health emergency, effective May 11.♡1206Y0630361KQT◑Kristen South, a Union Pacific spokesperson, said in a statement the rail company wants regulators to continue to work with them to come up with a more "balanced" solution that is not too ambitious for the current technology and infrastructure.ⓞ

↫And there are a few things officials want people to know before they set out to search.⇄VJ7175A100GXAAC31◎"They said, 'Oh, well, it's this way. But we can't use it. It doesn't drain,'" Payne recalls. "For a church that baptizes by immersion not to have a working baptistery and not to be very upset about it, that to me was kind of a metaphor for where the congregation was at that point."➤


☃Republican Sen. Janne Myrdal, of Edinburg, sponsored the latest state legislation.◈2220J0250101GCT↼Broadly speaking, she says, media organizations want to sidestep any chance for a judge or appellate court to revisit the very high standard of proving "actual malice," established in a landmark 1964 ruling in a case involving The New York Times. The law currently favors news organizations. Yet several U.S. Supreme Court Justices have expressed an interest in altering or reforming that standard.➟CDR34BX473BKSR▤In 1994, President Bill Clinton signed an assault weapons ban, which banned the AR-15 and other similar semiautomatic rifles. The ban made it illegal to manufacture the weapon while also setting a limit on high-capacity magazines. Though as The Washington Post noted, there were plenty of loopholes.▆HFZ471KBFEF0KR➳The focus appears to be tilting away from harm reduction toward tougher policies, she said.↿

♥During a budget hearing last week, Bryan Newland, the assistant secretary for Indian Affairs at the Interior Department, told Merkley's subcommittee that his agency is requesting more funding for maintenance and operations at the detention centers.♦2220J5K00820JCR♥Trump alleged that Merchan "HATES ME," and "railroaded," and "strong armed" Weisselberg and treated his company "VICIOUSLY."♦

☍Popovich isn't alone in the NBA in his calls for gun law reform. Last May, Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr criticized lawmakers for their inaction on fundamental gun reform laws following deadly mass shootings at a Uvalde, Texas, school, at a Buffalo grocery store and at a Southern California church.▒

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