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▫From Sanders to Sauce, the NFL draft has been a style showcase for more than three decades. Thursday we'll find out which of these upcoming NFL stars has top-tier fashion sense to match their special talent.▩RA201836XX◦This muddled legal landscape is fueling a deep sense of anxiety on each side of the debate, even as the biggest legal challenges surrounding non-unanimous convictions appear settled. Those who oppose revisiting old cases worry about retraumatizing victims and the added strain on prosecutors at a moment when violent crime rates are on the rise. Reform advocates say failure to act on behalf of people who were unconstitutionally convicted will only further erode faith in the justice system.♈TBME107K020LSLB0H45☺"These individuals that have spoken tonight are victims of police brutality, they are victims of crimes," public defender Ellen McDonnell said when it was her turn at the dais. "The community and our clients have been sounding the alarm about your police department for years and years and years."⊡JANTXV1N6318D♕"A lot of us agreed this would be one of the most important things we worked on in our careers," CPSC Social Media Specialist Joseph Galbo told NPR over email. "There was a real sense of helping right a wrong and delivering something important for a community that's too often left out of many important conversations."➚

✑"This is a moment when a nation decides whether it will go along a healing path," actor Srdjan Timarov said on N1 television. "The only other way is to declare capitulation."▣GBJ806✿14. ""Margaritaville"" — Jimmy Buffett (1977)♤


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FDPF041N06BL1♔"It's definitely a nightmare from a warning standpoint," Gibbs said. "It's bad anytime, but it's especially bad at 3:30 in the morning."◇1N5819UR-1/TR☆Italy's pasta problem highlights the important role that food plays in our daily lives and cultural fabric, says Bryan Hitchcock, the chief science and technology officer at the Institute of Food Technologists.⊙


▌Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.) said, "All social media is not necessarily great for kids, but that is a fundamental distinction in terms of dealing with the TikTok issue."SIZ704DT-T1-GE3۰In a statement Thursday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas called the port of entry program "an innovative solution."↥TCTAL1A476M8RAsian immigrants are also less likely to have hidden their heritage from non-Asians, less likely to see themselves as a "typical American" and more likely to have Asian friends than their U.S.-born peers.ΘSMPZ3924B-M3/84A▭A U.S. official told NPR American ships are just off Port Sudan, but not in the port itself. The official said there are no State Department or U.S. military personnel at the Port.←

유So why aren't Americans in a pasta panic? Ortega has a few theories.CWR29JK225KCDC➨He spent several months in military hospitals enduring treatment more painful than the flames. Even eating was unbearable.¤


✄By needing to pass another bill on Disney's governance, DeSantis and lawmakers may be implicitly acknowledging that the agreement between the previous board and the company was valid, Foglesong said.➟SD14-151-R▅A spokesperson at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) — which runs both the account and the games — told NPR in an email that the criticisms seem to be coming primarily from people who do not have disabilities and may not be aware that the account is run by a "Paralympian who fully understands disability."☣T95R106K050HSAL➦"Once the police investigation is completed and forwarded to my office, prosecutors will conduct a thorough review of all of the facts presented, the evidence, and the applicable law," Pryor said. "Prosecutors will then make a decision about whether criminal charges should be filed."▧1111Y1K07P50BQT➹The first effort to impeach Douglas arose in the 1950s after he issued an order that temporarily halted the execution of Jules and Ethel Rosenberg, who had been convicted of passing key information about the atomic bomb to agents of the Soviet Union. Douglas' stay was overturned by the full court, and the impeachment effort faded.⊙

▶The Codex Sassoon, a leather-bound, handwritten parchment volume containing a nearly complete Hebrew Bible, was purchased by former U.S. Ambassador to Romania Alfred H. Moses on behalf of the American Friends of ANU and donated to ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, where it will join the collection, Sotheby's said in statement.⇌1825Y2500681JCT⇗That may form the basis of an appeal later this summer.♧


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M39003/09-0164/HSD➞The group's work has garnered nationwide attention, as efforts to research and secure reparations for African Americans elsewhere have had mixed results.☆0805Y0250682MXR◎Minnesota Department of Corrections spokesman Andy Skoogman announced Friday that former officer Kim Potter was to be released after serving about 16 months of her two-year sentence. He said the exact timing of her departure Monday from Minnesota Correctional Facility-Shakopee won't be disclosed for security reasons.↙


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