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□So can you sum it all up for me?┲


▧In recent weeks, before the former president was indicted, Jordan and two other Republican House committee chairmen sent a letter to Bragg asking for documents and testimony related to the Trump investigation. The members called Bragg's investigation politically motivated and an abuse of power. Bragg's office responded with a letter defending its work, and said that Congress doesn't have oversight of state prosecutors. The letter said the information Jordan was asking for at the time was confidential and about a pending criminal investigation.▨T491C107M010AT▒The acting head of the Federal Aviation Administration will leave the agency this summer, putting pressure on the White House to quickly find a replacement after President Joe Biden's first choice withdrew last month.⇃12103A821JAT2A⇤A WNBA All-Star with the Phoenix Mercury, Griner had flown to Moscow in February 2022 to rejoin UMMC Ekaterinburg, a Russian women's team she has played for in the off-season since 2014.▪P1330-223H❈Those five unhappy minds are the focus of The New Earth, Row's novel about an American family that has imploded, one that's broken, possibly irretrievably. It's a stunning book, a high-wire balancing act that tries to do a lot — and succeeds.▔

♙More than 64 million people, including the overseas voters, were eligible to vote and nearly 89% voted. This year marks 100 years since Turkey's establishment as a republic — a modern, secular state born on the ashes of the Ottoman Empire.✒TAJB475M010RNJ♡The regulator ordered EDF to "revise its strategy" of addressing the corrosion problems, which could have major financial repercussions for the debt-laden state-owned utility as well as France's energy production capacity.⏎


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CWR19HC226KCFB❈"This is a clear sign that Russia will keep downing the American drones," pro-Kremlin political analyst Sergei Markov wrote in a commentary on the award announcement. "This decision will receive a strong support from the Russian society that wants the government to toughen its policy."⇍C410C919C3G5TA√Then, Charles will be given the royal robe, the orb, the coronation ring, the sceptre and the rod of his position. St. Edward's Crown will be placed on his head.▒


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CC0402GRNPO9BN160☼The hospital tweeted, "This tragedy is affecting all of us, and we ask for patience and prayers at this time." Its Northside Medical Midtown office will be closed Thursday.♣C0603C220G5GACTU◙As a maritime archaeologist, Weirich is most interested in what the ship's condition can teach us about how to better preserve deep-sea shipwrecks in general. For example, how has it impacted the environment since it sunk, and how have the visits since its discovery impacted the site?✐

♥Educators also stood on a fault line of the pandemic, as COVID safety protocols interfered with school attendance. Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross told NPR about how the "test-to-stay" policy was playing out in her Michigan school district in December 2021, after the CDC recommended letting students exposed to the virus stay in school if they tested negative.↥

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