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⇟On Twitter, Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai said the Jerusalem shooting was "a difficult and complex attack with a large number of casualties."⇗


↫Meanwhile, there's a competing ruling out of Washington state, where the attorneys general of 17 states and the District of Columbia had sought to force the FDA to expand access to the drug.◫SR071C102KAA➳Mitsotakis had long suggested he would not seek a coalition partner whatever the election outcome, advocating instead the stabilizing effect of strong, undivided governance.↿SQCAEA330GA1ME➻Born to Mexican American parents, Cavazos was commissioned into the Army in 1951 after graduating from Texas Technical University and later went to fight in the Korean War. There, he was a member of the Borinqueneers, a famed unit of mostly Spanish-speaking Puerto Rican soldiers. He later led troops in the Vietnam War.▬C907U150JYNDAAWL20۰Wall Street fears these banks wouldn't be able to withstand a big outflow of deposits if customers left for the perceived safety of bigger banks.▩

◩Scattered around Paris, easy to locate and hire with a downloadable app and relatively cheap, the scooters are a hit with tourists who love their speed and the help-yourself freedom they offer.✤VJ0402A181KXXPW1BC♥School administrators and teachers worry about students handing in AI-generated papers; writers, translators, and artists worry that AI may supplant them professionally. Science-fiction magazines are grappling with a deluge of AI submissions — though, Clarkesworld editor Neil Clarke told The New York Times, stories written by chatbots are "bad in spectacular ways," and therefore quite easy to notice and disqualify.☚

☁The collision at Lafayette Square and 16th Street around 9:40 p.m. Monday occurred just steps from the White House.←


✪The negotiations faltered while President Biden is in Japan for the G-7 summit.♠PM54-270M➴This year, Fefoame, now age 65, became the chair of the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), a group that protects and advocates for the rights of people with disabilities. A citizen of Ghana, she's the first African woman to hold the position and has spent her career serving this community. Earlier, as a member of the CRPD, she helped get more women elected to the committee and revived a working group on women and girls with disabilities.➦2220Y2500560JFR◧The best way to find out if one of these tiny critters has burrowed its way into your body is by doing a full body search, preferably naked.▬SD6030-360-R⊙The Export-Import Bank declined to comment on the record. The bank is an independent government agency that provides loans and insurance for projects that can boost U.S. exports.♜

➺Over the past week, a total of seven horses died in the lead-up to the final race on Saturday — prompting an investigation into the deaths and fueling outrage from animal rights activists.↵ER1537-12KM☻There's another reason to rethink the goal of no more vaccines: If human immunity to polio disappears, says Chumakov, the virus could become an incredibly dangerous biological weapon.ღ


▪For Lisa Sherman Luna, whose organization, TIRRC, worked to register and turn out voters of color in Tennessee, what is happening in the state shows the great extremes Republicans are willing to go to establish what she calls "white minority rule."☺1782R-85H↟The complaint came from Miami Lakes resident Daily Salinas, who has two children at Bob Graham. It alleges Gorman's book would cause confusion and indoctrinate children. NPR reviewed the complaint and other materials after they were obtained through a records request to the school district from the Florida Freedom to Read Project.→C1210C473G4HACAUTO➷"We believed a coalition of cities and states would form to create true consequences for states that pass these despicable, hateful laws," the San Francisco Democrat said in a statement. "Yet, as it turned out, that coalition never formed, and the full potential impact of this policy never materialized. Instead, San Francisco is now penalizing businesses in other states — including LGBTQ-owned, women-owned, and people of color-owned businesses — for the sins of their radical right wing governments."↲CDC5D20NP-222KC▒For many years, the Albuquerque Police Department, the law enforcement agency in the state's largest city, has had difficulties with its officers' use-of-force. It has been investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for its pattern of excessive force. Federal officials reached an agreement with the city to improve training and to keep tabs on its progress.▅

▧Carolyn Bryant Donham died in hospice care Tuesday night in Westlake, Louisiana, according to a death report filed Thursday in the Calcasieu Parish Coroner's Office.↤CMSZDA11V TR▥Carhart, who had provided abortions for the past 50 years, became a lightning rod for anti-abortion activists who opposed his practices. As the medical director of Clinics for Abortion and Reproductive Excellence (CARE), Carhart and his wife Mary ran two clinics in Nebraska and Maryland that specialize in providing second- and third-trimester abortion care.◘


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