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Like a third of people who live in this high alpine desert, Mestas relies on a private well that draws from an aquifer for drinking water. And, like many farmers there, he taps an aquifer to water the alfalfa that feeds his 550 cows.➽

⇅The men quickly surrendered to the police after the shooting, with at least one of them chanting "Jai Shri Ram," or "Hail Lord Ram," a slogan that has become a battle cry for Hindu nationalists in their campaign against Muslims.❀

✄The Titanic site is hard to get to, hard to see and hard to describe, says Jeremy Weirich, the director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Ocean Exploration program (he's been to the site).▨


➢"If tourists were informed about it, then they would be OK with it," she said. "If that was a surprise $50 fee, it would be a pretty lousy surprise."▬08052U1R6BAT2A↼Aurora finds comfort with her brothers, especially Sasha. The two of them dump a pile of Legos on the floor in a bedroom, building a tower together. Sasha tries again to ask Aurora about the kindergarten. She remembers some things — the borscht for lunch, the things she learned, the games she played — but she doesn't want to talk about others. When he whispers, "Do you want to see your friends, do you want to visit Daniel?" she is visibly uncomfortable and storms off.▤C316C152F3G5TA♠The group's leader Nnamdi Kanu is in government custody and faces trial for treason after being detained overseas and brought back to Nigeria.▅SR217C472KAR↖"To lose him in these circumstances is incredibly painful for all of us," Chetwynd said, even though "we all know the risks."▣

×"CDC is deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of a colleague killed yesterday in the Midtown Atlanta shooting. Our hearts are with her family, friends, and colleagues as they remember her and grieve this tragic loss," the federal agency said in a statement.▪1825Y6300153JXR◘The unsolved 2013 murder of three Kurdish women activists in Paris has been an open wound for their community, with lingering frustration over France's failure to bring those responsible to justice.


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1210Y1K00682MXT◑He does have one hardcover book that reminds him of before the war: It's a version of that kindergarten yearbook Iryna Sahan had in Kharkiv.☻ILSB1206ERR68K☆The lesser verdict fueled outrage across the state, as local newspapers channeled racist and xenophobic attitudes to blame the outcome on immigrant jurors. One paper, The Morning Oregonian, opined that "Americans have learned, with some pain, that many peoples in the world are unfit for democratic institutions, lacking the traditions of the English-speaking peoples." Other pieces bemoaned "mixed-blood" jurors.


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