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1210J1000223JDR♪But the justices, for now, left the case in the hands of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which has scheduled oral arguments in the case for May 17. However the 5th Circuit rules, the case will almost certainly end up back at the Supreme Court, with the potential for a decision in the case next term.❁D392Z25Y5VH6UJ5R⇂The inquiry is being handled by the state security unit, a specialized team that examines cases related to terrorism or politically motivated crimes, a Berlin police spokesman told AFP.▐

↨"Mastered it," the Eagles said in a tweet. "Congratulations to @JalenHurts on completing his Master's degree. #FlyEaglesFly"◑


☀Raynes, Grayson and Harrison remained at large.ぃC328C471G3G5TAPhotos released by North Korean state media showed the missile to be a previously unknown type of solid-fueled missile, which it described as the Hwasong-18. The photos show the missile lifting off as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watches on with his young daughter. Experts have geolocated the launch site to a field near the North Korean capital of Pyongyang.▯CDR32BP271BFZRAT✪SIMI VALLEY, Calif., and TAIPEI — Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen vowed Wednesday to "defend the peaceful status quo" in which the people of Taiwan can continue to thrive in a free and open society. Her remarks came after a meeting with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy that Beijing had warned against.✐GBU1007HD2G▧After that December ban, the U.N.'s female employees could not work (though some administrative staff continued to work). In some cases, they were replaced with male colleagues, Mohammad said. "But as men, we aren't allowed to go inside homes with female members in the absence of their mahram [a male guardian]. It makes our work very difficult if there is no mahram as in the cases of families with women heads," he said, adding that the reach and productivity of his team had dropped by "over 50 percent" since the initial ban was announced in December. And now, with the ban reinforced by the Taliban, the U.N. has asked the men to stay home, too.❀

◎Bland has said Stephen Smith didn't make any calls on his cellphone, and his loosely tied shoes remained on his feet. The force of car wrecks often leaves people found without their shoes. The road also contained no skid marks or nearby debris, according to Ronnie Richter, another lawyer for the Smiths.◆GA0805Y473JBJBT31G♚In between is a riotous mix of reggaetón, '80s pop, funk-infused jazz, gospel, political analysis and a reading of an influential 1994 book by Carl Sagan. The Librarian of Congress will discuss the National Recording Registry in the series "The Sounds of America" from NPR's 1A, which focuses on this year's selections.▅


╬This story is a collaboration from NPR's Station Investigations Team, which supports local investigative journalism, and New Hampshire Public Radio. Nate Hegyi left the Mountain West News Bureau for New Hampshire Public Radio in February 2022.❀SDR1005-681KL✙"In these high-stakes defamation suits," says Rutgers law professor Ronald Chen, an authority on media law, "very often litigation is not the way for either of them to get complete satisfaction."⊕CDR34BP392BFURAJ⊙"This process can rapidly amplify based upon just one bee initially stinging you because there was a disturbance to their nest or because somebody just got too close," he said.♟HSMP-386F-TR1♨Mayorkas said the new rule is part of a broader effort by the administration to discourage migrants from crossing the border illegally and create a host of new legal pathways.❤

➴The war in Ukraine is on top of the agenda in Hiroshima this week. On Friday, leaders agreed on more sanctions on Russia and urged Moscow to stop its ongoing aggression and "immediately, completely and unconditionally" withdraw its troops and military equipment from Ukraine.▊2220J2000103JDR✿The Voyager 2, first launched in 1977, has been helping scientists investigate faraway planets and understand how the heliosphere — the sun's outermost atmospheric bubble-like layer that traps particles and magnetic fields — protects Earth from its volatile interstellar environment.☈


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1812Y5000153KDR⊠In November 2022, a coalition of anti-abortion groups and doctors filed a federal lawsuit in Texas district court challenging the FDA's approval of the drug.⇛1210Y2000181JAR→Ultimately, Blue finished his 17-year career with a 209-161 record, a 3.27 ERA, 2,175 strikeouts, 143 complete games and 37 shutouts over about 3,300 innings, according to MLB.♥


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