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♦The network also paid the family of the slain Democratic party aide Seth Rich an undisclosed settlement worth millions of dollars just before Hannity and former Fox Business host Lou Dobbs were set to be questioned by the Riches' attorneys under oath.↠QCCT102Q3R0D1GV002E←Eisa is also the secretary general of the Sudanese American Physicians Association (SAPA), a nonprofit association formed in 2019 to build links among Sudanese doctors in the United States and to support health-care facilities back in Sudan. It is now trying to support beleaguered hospitals during the current violence.✑SC43B-1R8▥The report added that the journalist went to the Charite Hospital in Berlin -- where Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was treated after being poisoned in August 2020.↫B82498F3271G♥The lawyers relayed Penny's condolences to those close to Neely. The statement ended with a call for elected officials to address "the mental health crisis on our streets and subways."♠

✙One particular threat against Daniels sits at the heart of another pending legal matter — a failed defamation suit that's left Daniels with a bill for hundreds of thousands in Trump's legal fees.▦DHG60C600HB♠King Charles III's coronation Saturday will have a shorter parade route, a role for all Britons rather than only aristocrats — and a nod to the country's myriad faiths.➡

☀"We don't know for sure. It's possible that it would have no effect or even increase. But it's also equally possible, and I believe slightly more likely, that it would reduce," Hogan says about a combined question's impact on the share of people identifying as Black, adding that not all of the bureau's experiments were designed to test how people may respond to a combined question when it's asked by a census worker in person, which is how many people of color have participated in the count rather than filling out a form on their own.◇


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C1206C223K5GEC➽The changes were adopted by the legislature's Democratic majorities over the objections of Republicans and the Michigan Catholic Conference.♣PE-1206CD102JTT"So I think that's the challenge that you have — you're trying to make sure to do your due diligence, that you're bringing in the right person for the position, but, you know, there's no playbook for it."◦

▐As NPR reporters have covered the twists and turns of the pandemic, they have talked to hundreds of people – local public health workers, long COVID patients and people who lost loved ones to COVID, among many others. NPR called several of the people interviewed over the past three years back this week to ask for their reflections and hear how the end of the public health emergency strikes them.↡


➬Google will delete accounts older than two years to help avoid security risks, the company announced Tuesday.☻T495D157K010ATE080♛The news of Nichols' autopsy results comes in the wake of Nichols' family filing a civil lawsuit against the city of Memphis, its police department and the individual officers involved in his death.❈VJ1825A821JBLAT4X↽The 15-page report also found that some of the beleaguered jails continued to wrestle with overcrowding and staff retention. At least six facilities faced chronic overcrowding and the number of correctional officers dropped by nearly 20% between 2019 and 2022 – a loss of 250 employees.◦1812Y1K00562JDT➼“The beauty industry has for a pretty long time been feeding us this messaging about beauty products being some sort of solution to stress, or an act of self-care and wellness,” DeFino said. “The specificity of this example, equating the trauma of a shooting with a Bioré product, was really jarring.”«

♦"We recognize that every day counts, and we expect to get this done by the end of the month," the White House said in a statement. The proposed rule would allow DACA recipients to apply for coverage in the health insurance marketplace and through their state Medicaid agency.✄4470R-03G↕In other words, Tettey points to societal issues that may make altering one's behavior more difficult than a song suggests. For instance, she says that parents, who may just be "trying to put dinner on the table," may find it challenging to serve more fruits and vegetables and fewer fried foods.➡

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