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◥"We are also calling on our federal, state and local partners to move quickly on regulations that will help ensure tragedies like today's fire are prevented," she said in a statement. "We are heartbroken for the family of these victims."☣C1206X102G5GECAUTO7210█Every year during the rainy season, roads, houses, schools, shops, and other buildings — along with people — are swept away or buried by landslides in the country, which has been plagued by anarchic urbanization and a lack of infrastructure maintenance.◑FDMS86520L▪Kaepernick's publishing agency did not immediately respond to NPR's request for comment Friday morning.▀DD104N16KKHPSA1♙Congress, too, has TikTok in its crosshairs. A bill that has gathered bipartisan momentum would give the Department of Commerce the ability to ban apps controlled by "foreign adversaries," a label that could apply to TikTok.⇂

⇕"It looks so good but I'm SO SCARED about it being BED BUG CENTRAL," one user replied.↵2W10G웃Her curt reply: ''Over my dead body, sir.''√


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T491D156M025AT7280←What's with Temi? We have to wait for the third section of the novel to hear her point of view, but there's no big reveal because by then we're pretty much onto her: She can't believe that her friend has betrayed their college understanding — to never marry and to live BMFM: "By Myself, For Myself." But for Temi, their pact meant undying allegiance to her.↶2220Y0100681GCT▤Kelly maintained he would be impartial on cases, and only wants to serve taxpayers.▱


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1210J1K00560KFT☺While it may sound cheesy, there are lessons the rest of the world can learn from Italy's pasta plight.☃MUN5335DW1T1G⊿That investigation — which involves tuition payments that GOP donor, Harlan Crow, made to cover Thomas' grandnephew's private boarding school costs — is one of a number of recent examples that spotlight some justices' lack of disclosure of high-cost gifts, expenses and deals. This growing list is causing some to question court ethics and credibility. This latest ProPublica report came just two days after a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing — spurred by ProPublica's prior reporting — focused on the court's ethics and the need for a Supreme Court code of conduct.✡


➚But it's also a vibrant neighborhood, abuzz with Afrobeat music blasting from big black speakers hooked up to radios in the shops. People shop for meat (hanging in the windows of butcheries), produce, electronics, and food cooked up on the spot.♡VS-VSKL41/16↞McCarthy told reporters Sunday morning that he had a "productive phone call" with Biden, who was returning to Washington from Japan where he attended the G-7 summit, as negotiations over a bipartisan deal to raise the debt limit faltered over the last few days.♤HC1206CG102F631▽But the repercussions have not stopped there. If the Dobbs decision was a huge victory for anti-abortion forces, it was also a clarion call to action for abortion rights supporters. Shortly after the Dobbs ruling, the Gallup Poll found opinion on the issue had shifted nationally in favor abortion rights, with 55% calling themselves "pro-choice" – the highest such reading in decades.✌GRM022R60J822KE19L⇛Reynolds served 14 years in the Navy, until a head injury cut short his time with a SEAL team. He's been taking online classes and living in the pop-up camper on the back of his pickup. His only income is the monthly disability check from the VA.☻

☇WOOD: We were listening to it and we were stunned because we had been intimately involved in the preparation for that in the days leading up to the speech. And we had to analysts full time doing fact checking, turning things back, editing. But it became direct statements of fact.  Iraq harbors a deadly terrorist network headed by Zarqawi, an associate and collaborator of bin Laden. Baghdad has an agent in the most senior levels of Ansar al strong Islam. This agent offered al Qaeda a safe haven in the region, something we didn't have anything about. He traveled to Baghdad, staying in the capital for two months while he recuperated to fight another day. While it is true he was in the capital, we don't know that that was in any cooperation with the Iraqis at all.↔1812J0630271JCR◑"I think the White House would tell you he's trying to reach those Middle America voters ... and, politically, that's the area he kind of needs to focus on and that's because his vulnerabilities politically are more on the right than the left because the left is ... more concerned about the right and what could happen if Trump were to come back."◩


◆"Everybody in this meeting reiterated the positions they were at. I didn't see any new movement," McCarthy told reporters after he left the White House.◎C1206C222J5REC❦The school said its "expectations regarding appropriate prom attire were communicated to this student and the student's family in advance of the prom. While we certainly respect a student's right to disagree, all of our students know from our school handbook that when they do not follow such expectations at school-sponsored events, they may be asked to leave."▥1206J6300111KQT♨Pakistan's coalition government was dismayed by Friday's bail ruling, accusing the courts of bias toward their rival. One coalition party announced it would hold a sit-in before the Supreme Court on Monday.⊕YNA15B1J0G105MT009N❑"We need to be a faster, flatter company where everyone is closer to our riders and drivers so we can deliver on this purpose," he said in a publicly shared message to employees Friday.▥

▩People who suspect that debris from the fire ended up on their property are being encouraged to call the Richmond Community Helpline and also register their information with the EPA.⇡04025U8R2BAQ2A♥"With its elegant, clear-glass bottle and crisp taste, Miller High Life has proudly worn the nickname 'The Champagne of Beers' for almost 120 years," Molson Coors Beverage Co. said in a statement to The Associated Press.◫


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