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☇Indeed, states with abortion bans saw a larger decline in medical school seniors applying for residency in 2023 compared with states without bans, according to a study from the Association of American Medical Colleges. While applications for OB-GYN residencies are down nationwide, the decrease in states with complete abortion bans was more than twice as large as those with no restrictions (10.5% vs. 5.2%).☜0805Y0630392JER▆“We never intended to be part of a discussion that divides people. We are in the business of bringing people together over a beer,” Brendan Whitworth wrote at the time in an open letter on the company’s Twitter account.↑CGA3E2NP01H090D080AA◙Renner wrote the theme song for the show, something he did while working on another show.➟MHQ1005P1N8STD25☻"[The first lady] looks forward to celebrating the LSU Tigers on their championship win at the White House," Valdivia added.✪

♦Worse, as the drug's profile skyrocketed in recent months as a "Hollywood" treatment for weight loss, demand increased and a shortage developed.▪RS1GLHRVG▀Bonta said in a statement that both attorneys general have concerns about the NFL's role in fostering an "extremely hostile and detrimental work environment."«

▀Kremlin officials and lawmakers have made clear they see the law as a response to problems carrying out Putin's "partial mobilization" decree last fall to call up 300,000 troops to fight in Ukraine.♥


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1210J2000681FFR⇆Brown said this past week of this effort, "It is important that while we look back and reflect on what happened, we continue to look forward on how to help our community heal and how to make the necessary change to overcome the historic inequities in East Buffalo."↯35251C➸Authorities detained 12 people, including the hospital's head, her deputy and construction workers.◆


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M39003/01-8241⇏I employ what I refer to as "delusional optimism," which involves telling myself things like, "It's going to be just fine!" or "You've been through much worse!" or "Tomorrow won't feel this bad." The words I tell myself don't change the behavior of others. Difficult situations often remain difficult, but it does make it easier to weather the suffering. When the world won't change for us, sometimes changing how we think about the world is the best we can do. -Lisa Féinics, Bend, Ore.➘GA0805Y563MBABE31☣The school in Denver purposely keeps enrollment under capacity so additional teens can enroll anytime during the school year. A student won't get kicked out if they relapse, but there are two requirements: They must want to be sober and attend an outside recovery program.▤


↕Swiss regulators orchestrated the purchase in a bid to stop more turmoil after the collapse of two U.S. banks. In an indication of the frantic, behind-the-scenes deal-making by Swiss authorities to resolve the issue before markets opened, the acquisition was announced late Sunday.☍AT-31033-TR1G⊕The TikTok account has been active for years. But it sparked outrage last week after several popular Twitter accounts, including Barstool Sports, shared compilations.♨0603Y1008P20DAT▫For example: Jack Johnson, who became the first Black heavyweight boxing champion early in the 20th century, was called cowardly for the same defensive style of boxing that earned white fighters praise for using their guile. Blackistone later tweeted that NFL halfback Joe Lilliard was "a standout in the league in the early 1930s and just as cantankerous as many white players back then, but was castigated for being so."♪VLP4612T-220MR34☃This is a developing story. Some things reported by the media will later turn out to be wrong. We will focus on reports from police officials and other authorities, credible news outlets and reporters who are at the scene. We will update as the situation develops.☣

のDunkle is referring to potential fines levied by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control if an organization facilitates or makes a payment to cybercriminals.↬2225J1K50272MXR☺JetBlue has countered that acquiring Spirit will make it a bigger, stronger low-cost competitor to Delta, United, Southwest — and American — which together control about 80% of the domestic U.S. air-travel market.↧

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