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➳Nationwide, at least half of abortions are now done with medication as opposed to surgical procedures, according to the Guttmacher Institute, a research group that supports abortion rights. Mifepristone is used in the vast majority of medication abortions in the United States, according to data from Guttmacher.↖

☣Ramsey continued: "We are most proud to be able to make music for people that are hurting right now. So thank you for including us in the party and allowing us to make music for whoever needs it."→

↕At the time, Sharp failed to disclose how he'd helped arrange a meeting for another friend – a distant cousin of Johnson's – to offer a $1 million loan to the prime minister.▲


✍As class begins, students chatter in a multitude of languages: English, Spanish, a little German and Russian. The school's students come from all over the world, but in just this classroom, Aurora is one of seven Ukrainian children.➪K101K15C0GH5TK2↺DiCaprio said he had enlisted representatives and a third-party investigator to perform background checks on Low before entering into the business relationship with him over the film to find out whether "the financing was good or not and safe to accept."♘C1206X152F2GEC7210▮Yemen's capital has been under the control of the Iranian-backed Houthis since they descended from their northern stronghold in 2014 and removed the internationally recognized government.►C324C229B3G5TA⇝The decision followed a meeting in Doha, Qatar, between Indonesian soccer federation president Erick Thohir and Gianni Infantino, the president of FIFA, soccer's world governing body.♦

↡The standoff could last months and shut down Hollywood production. (The last writers strike lasted from November 2007 into February 2008.) Some of the sticking points include questions over staffing levels for new TV programs and income from episodes aired on streaming services.⇆VJ0805A470GLEAJ32♣What happened next has been repeatedly scrutinized by Texas lawmakers, federal investigators and community leaders trying to understand the dual horrors of that day: how an 18-year-old former student killed 21 people and why officers waited so long to stop him.☺


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PXAE1837078NB-V1-R2●The app won him national recognition, a trip to D.C., and a speech on behalf of his peers. It's one of many efforts under way to use AI to help young people with their mental health and to better identify when they're at risk.◎VJ0603D1R7CLPAC▎LONDON — King Charles III and Camilla, the queen consort, were officially crowned king and queen during a coronation ceremony Saturday at Westminster Abbey, the first coronation there since that of Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II, back in 1953.▼


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