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☚In Ukraine, housing for people displaced by the war is scarce and inadequate. Most often, they are temporarily hosted in public facilities such as schools or kindergartens. Families like Olga's are often on their own to deal with their problems. As Ukraine struggles to fight a war of attrition against a stronger adversary, civilians displaced by the fighting feel they are low on the country's list of priorities. Internal refugees report to aid workers and journalists that when approaching authorities with their problems, they are often turned away and advised not to be selfish and to remember that soldiers on the front lines have it even worse.▤

유Several supervisors suspected there were children inside. “As much as he was shooting, I mean, he had to be shooting at something,” Page told investigators later. But time and again, radio communications and body-cam video captured supervisors telling each other and subordinates to wait. Uvalde County Constable Johnny Field tells the others, “There’s no active shooting.”✆

∴The story is receiving renewed attention because of a new dance performance touring Europe and North America this year called Broken Chord that imagines the choir's journey.〓

⇆"There were so many kids in this venue and what they saw, they're victims in this," he said. "Their families are victims of this."▕

❂There are four lawmakers sponsoring the bill, Republican Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and Alabama's Katie Britt alongside Democratic Sens. Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Connecticut's Chris Murphy, who say America's mental health crisis weighs most heavily on adolescents, especially young girls.☺

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