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☃A deal announced by Harris calls for Qcells and Virginia-based Summit Ridge Energy to deploy community solar projects capable of generating 1.2 gigawatts of electricity in Illinois, Maine and Maryland. Community solar projects allow people to tap into solar power generated at a shared site rather than on individual rooftops and are a way for renters and those without access to rooftop solar panels to receive the benefits of clean energy.◇


▪Democrats have said they are not willing to pass any bill that links the debt limit to spending cuts. And they are particularly critical of efforts to require work requirements for those on assistance programs.➢IRF540STRLPBFUnder former President Donald Trump, the EPA briefly rescinded that policy starting in October 2020. But it reinstated the rule in June 2021.◊BCR119E6327HTSA1▤Lowery says going forward she will continue to rely on her faith and her church community to help her through the tough times.◦RDER71H153K0M1H03A→"We had to visit several pharmacies to find the medication that we needed," says Rivers, an epidemiologist at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. "It just adds another burden on what's already been a really difficult winter respiratory season for families."•

✪The Sacramento Kings say they are investigating an incident in which the rapper E-40 was ejected from their arena during Saturday's playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, an incident he says was the result of "racial bias."↓C0805X103FMGEC7210♠It was Black voters who helped Biden break through a crowded Democratic primary field in 2019, awarding him a decisive victory in South Carolina.➝


→Garcia, who works for a health plan, says she knows how the insurance industry works but had never heard of companies refusing to cover specific vehicle models.♣S0603-22NH2S→McGrath resigned just 11 weeks into the job as Hogan's chief of staff in 2020 after the payments became public.➲C937U681KYYDCAWL45☺"DiBiase allegedly used these federal funds to buy a vehicle and a boat, and for the down payment on the purchase of a house, among other expenditures," the Justice Department said in a news release Thursday.■CDRH5D16F/LDNP-100NC◦So the question remained as to whether the agents were involved "officially" and "with their bosses' approval" or if Guney was a rogue actor, a source close to the case said.▔

£“There’s victims in the room with us?” Guerrero asked an officer, body-cam footage shows, as he stands in the hallway outside the classrooms.∴MPSA92_D81Z↳"[Attackers see] guns as instruments of glory," says Carolina Ricardo, executive director at Instituto Sou da Paz, a nonprofit working toward more effective public policy related to security and the prevention of violence. "It's more lethal and it's a way to brag, to show power."♥


☀DeSantis said Monday that he's viewed DEI initiatives as a discriminatory practice. "This bill says the whole experiment with DEI is coming to an end in the state of Florida. We are eliminating the DEI programs."□GRM3195C1H112JA01J⇚House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Thursday tweeted that "China's brazen disregard for U.S. sovereignty is a destabilizing action that must be addressed, and President Biden cannot be silent."◈VJ0805Y122KXCMP☀"The Chapitos pioneered the manufacture and trafficking of fentanyl — the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced — flooded it into the United States for the past eight years and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans," DEA Administrator Anne Milgram said.ⓔ2500-22F♛For example, the gas, dust, and debris that gets pulled into a black hole swirls around and heats up as it falls inward, creating an outline around the unseeable, insatiable beast. That outline is what the EHT team was able to capture.☺

☊"I never thought that he would shoot. Then he went room to room, looking for people," Garcia told the TV station.♞GA1210Y184MXBAT31G☚The incident occurred on Wednesday morning at a nursing facility in Cooma, a small town about 250 miles south of Sydney. Two New South Wales police officers responded to a call that an elderly patient, Clare Nowland, had taken a serrated-edge steak knife from the kitchen, according to NSW assistant police commissioner Peter Cotter.✪

♥"This is a small community and they just wanted to enjoy the birthday party," Allen told NPR member station Troy Public Radio.☆


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