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▦In March, the House Ethics Committee announced it was opening a formal investigation to examine whether Santos "engaged in unlawful activity" during his 2022 campaign. Democrats are forcing a vote before the ethics panel has concluded their investigation. Typically, expulsion recommendations come from an investigative panel on the House ethics committee and are reserved for severe misconduct. The last lawmaker expelled from the House was Rep. Jim Traficant, D-Ohio, in 2002 and his ousting came after he had been convicted of several crimes and an official recommendation came from the ethics committee to do so.☈BZT52C62SFortunately these multiplex tests are "getting down to a price point of a few dollars a test," says Bausch.◆2220Y2500821JCR☭"He was your proud, hardworking immigrant Italian father and grandfather," he said.▩06031A100DAT4A◥Asked about invoking the Constitution's 14th amendment to avoid default — an untested tool that the progressive wing of his party has urged — Biden said he was unsure whether legal challenges to such a move could be resolved in time to avert default. "That's a question that I think is unresolved," he said.【

✯Of the book, they said: "These characters, they go through things that are so heartbreaking and so cruel yet they still insist on loving as much as they possibly can, even when they are mean to each other. That, to me, is what it means to be alive."♕C321C330K3G5TA▔In 1974, however, Douglas was incapacitated by a stroke and eventually persuaded to retire the following year. He and his fourth wife were honored at the White House by Ford, by then the president, who said he hoped "bygones would be bygones."➣


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DSSK48-0025B▤As of February, the program was staffed with just 300 psychologists. São Paulo's current government has since suspended the program until it can hire enough professionals to see all those in need. It has also promised to hire another 5,000 mediators to help prevent violence in schools. Currently there are 500.☀VJ1206A5R6CXXPW1BC♚Venice's very existence inspires wonder, and during Carnival, this city of canals provides a fanciful backdrop for the festivities leading up to Lent. Costumes, and notably masks, have added to the mystery of these celebrations for centuries, upstaging everyday uniforms, and overshadowing those pandemic face coverings that have become all-too-familiar.✃


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BZX585B36 RKG⇁The lawsuit says that instead it was "a trap set by Mr. Lombardo to get Ms. Ziff alone and rape her."•C420C821J2G5TA☼SANAA, Yemen — A crowd apparently spooked by gunfire and an electrical explosion stampeded at an event to distribute financial aid during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Yemen's capital late Wednesday, killing at least 78 people and injuring at least 73 others, according to witnesses and Houthi rebel officials.あ


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CDR02BX153AKMSARあ"Future Hall of Famer!!" his former Olympic and Rockets teammate Chris Paul tweeted.♣TAZH476K020XBSZ0900유This trend is especially concerning, he said, because K-pop is yet to have an economy of scale. Despite the explosive growth both in business and cultural impact in recent years, major K-pop companies account for only 2% of global music record and streaming sales, according to Bang.

▤But this year, things went awry. Carrasquilla, who had been the school's principal for about nine months, said her administration accidently forgot to send an email notifying parents about the lesson ahead of time — which had been done in years prior.↟


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