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◣This effort is part of DeSantis' larger work to crack down on what he calls "woke indoctrination" in schools. In the last two years, state education officials have rejected dozens of mathematics and social studies textbooks for students in K-12 schools.►


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0505J0500160KQT유For criminal justice advocates, it was an important victory, as it meant unanimity would be required for jury verdicts. But there was a catch: The referendum did not apply to cases from before 2019 — an issue that only got more awkward when the Supreme Court ruled split-jury verdicts unconstitutional and said states would have to settle for themselves whether to apply the ruling retroactively.¤1808Y1000154KXR▶"Former NBA Seattle SuperSonics star Shawn Kemp was charged with first-degree assault after being arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting in Washington state last month, according to court documents.⇐


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T95S475K010HSAL↚Burris' clients include those who say they were repeatedly targeted and falsely accused by Antioch police officers.▋C1206C105K5RACAUTO7210♤California has previously apologized for placing Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II and for violence against and mistreatment of Native Americans.◦

⇈Uvalde police policy urges officers to act quickly, stating that they should move swiftly to the shooter and “stop the violence.” It also notes that, ideally, the first two to five officers should form a team and enter the building. The footage shows that at least three officers were just beyond school grounds together before Ramos walked into the building.♞


☼Davis warned Fox attorneys that he felt misled once he learned, just a week before opening arguments, that Rupert Murdoch held the title "executive chairman" at Fox News — suggesting he had more agency over the network's coverage and tone than it allowed. (Fox said the title was an honorific without meaning for the network's founder.) Davis also questioned whether Fox had withheld other material and information from Dominion's attorneys and the court, moving to appoint a special master to investigate the conduct of Fox's lawyers.▢C1808C470FHGAC7800➶"DeSantis — thought he would make a good one," Holton said, "but when I hear Trump's explanation of it, he helped make him, and he turned on him. There's no loyalty. He's young, he's got a long time."▧FZT968TC◊China wasn't mentioned during their brief public remarks in the Oval Office, although the meeting comes as both countries have become increasingly vocal about concerns that Beijing may step off the sidelines and supply weapons to Russia. Such a step could dramatically change the war's trajectory by allowing Moscow to replenish its depleted stockpiles.◄VJ0805Y823JXJPW1BC▪In 2022, the Kentucky Law Enforcement Council voted to allow Cosgrove to keep his police certification, making him eligible to work for other police departments in the state, WFPL reported.✍

۰Overhaul insurance (H.B. 837)☃1210J0250392FCT»Meantime, the CBP One mobile app, which migrants with limited internet access have widely complained about, transitioned to a new appointment scheduling platform. Officials said they are "significantly increasing" the number of appointments from a low of about 300 per day to 1,000. They are prioritizing people who have been waiting the longest for appointments.⇞


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