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ˍThe company did not specify which items were being removed, but misinformation in recent days has centered on its children’s bathing suits that were falsely labeled as “tuck-friendly” by prominent conservative groups and media outlets. The tuck-friendly swimming suits were only for adults, the Associated Press reported. Tuck-friendly swimwear offers extra coverage to allow transgender women without gender-affirming operations to conceal their genitalia.۰


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2220J5000101JCR✿It has multiple subsidiaries outside Switzerland and handles trading for hedge funds.▱SDM20U30LP-7▩The country, once a leading electricity exporter in Europe, needed to import power from Germany and other neighbors over the winter because of the problems in its nuclear park, which normally supplies around 70% of its energy needs.❤


↔Another reminder of home? A copy of that yearbook Iryna Sahan showed us in Kharkiv. A friend of Sahan brought it to Spain last fall, and the Demchenkos drove two hours just to pick it up. Aurora and her mom, Maryna, spread out on the bed and leaf through the book. Maryna points out pictures of Aurora and her best friend Daniel, now 4,000 miles away in the United States.↷C0603C139B5GACAUTO☁Hlasa is the Lesotho country director of Riders for Health, an organization that transports medical professionals and health services to isolated communities in need of vaccinations, medications and other treatments and tests☪C3225X5R1E685K250AAぃThe plaque still stands today as one of countless memorials, murals and references to the star that exist throughout Brazil and the world.✍1206J2000101MXR♧Late last summer, the company had secured financing to propel it through the holiday shopping season. But lackluster sales led to waning enthusiasm from creditors in a trickier economic environment.□

☁One video plays footage of Australian cyclist Darren Hicks, who had his right leg amputated after a crash, winning a time trial gold medal at Tokyo 2020. The audio is a popular TikTok song that's been modified so the only audible word is "left." It's gotten 4.8 million likes.♖CKR22CH120DS☣Roman finally tells Kendall not that he fired Joy, but that he wants to fire Joy. Kendall says sure. Roman adds that he fired Gerri. "Shiv's godmother Gerri?" Kendall asks, seemingly worried. But, swept away by excitement and brotherhood, Kendall says yes to this, too. WHY NOT, LET'S FIRE EVERYBODY WE'RE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER, WOOOOOO! It was around this point that I began to wonder what we are to assume is the current state of Kendall's sobriety.✯


☻For most of its 17-year history, Twitter has had rules that maintained a certain level of order and offered both individuals and organization some control over their presence on the platform.ЮUPA2738GR-E1-AX▩Griffiths: I do recall one man, I'm hesitant to give this example but I will, he came to believe in the reality of God. But what was so interesting is that this changed his whole frame of reference.➳NRVHP420MFDWFT3G◑On the biggest stage that Coachella has to offer, Ocean also used the opportunity to pay homage to his younger brother, Ryan Breaux, who died in a car accident in 2020.↔C0603CH1H6R8D030BA⇆Prosecutors say Garcia applied to become a hitman and then submitted additional identification documents and a resume, which indicated that he had been in the Air National Guard since July 2021 and that he'd earned the nickname "Reaper" from his military service and expert marksmanship.♭

۰At a Faith and Freedom event in Iowa, Scott compelled a crowd of conservative Christian voters in the style of an Southern preacher — a job he said his mother wanted him to have.❈B37986N1122J054▂As a reference point, Fortmueller cites the lengthy strike between SAG-AFTRA and video game makers that ended in 2017.卐


♡Both videos have since been deleted — but only after going viral and eventually becoming national news in New Zealand, where TV stations repeatedly replayed the footage of people handling the bird. An online petition to "save Paora" collected more than 10,000 signatures after it was posted earlier this week.▨SR212A150JARTR1✣A woman named Mrs. Keighley paid for Katie to get prescription glasses. For the first time, "the printed words no longer looked like chicken scratchings in the dust," she said.☣VJ0603Y332JXXAP☣The military did not immediately respond to Khan's accusations, but allegations of this sort have previously gotten Khan in trouble.⚘AU02ZD105MAG2A▐The banking turmoil has cast a shadow over Thursday's meeting of the European Central Bank. Before the chaos erupted, ECB head Christine Lagarde had said it was "very likely" that the bank would make a large, half-percentage point rate increase to tackle stubbornly high inflation.◀

⇓The WHO said the current cholera outbreaks in Africa are occurring as the continent faces extreme weather events, conflicts, and as well as overstretched health services.➹C322C751FAG5TA■Outside the courthouse, after the verdict, Tarrio's lawyers said they respected the jury's decision but planned to appeal. A lawyer for Biggs called the verdict "a manifest miscarriage of justice" earlier Thursday and said Biggs would "place his hopes in the appellate courts."↽


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