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↪"Wednesday's declaration seems to put more emphasis on American concerns that South Korea could develop its own nuclear weapons than on the North Korean nuclear threat that prompts such aspirations," it said. "Ultimately, South Korea must be in a position to defend itself."◤C328C120JAG5TA7301▧Many people in the U.S. with origins in Lebanon, Iran, Egypt and other countries in the Middle East or North Africa do not identify as white people, and advocates for Arab Americans and other MENA groups have spent decades pushing for a checkbox of their own on the census and other forms.♦C1206X123J3JACAUTO➹NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. — Johnson & Johnson is earmarking nearly $9 billion to cover allegations that its baby power containing talc caused cancer, more than quadrupling the amount that the company had previously set aside to pay for its potential liability.♤1N5620GPHE3/54♟The AR-15 has a long history in mass shootings in the U.S.◄

❒"The main wish for 2023 is we want freedom and to go back home," Thet Naung, an activist in northern Sagaing region, where the military and anti-coup fighters have regularly clashed, told AFP.☽C0402C202M3JAC7867◊Security was a major concern, with the parade coming just days after two drones exploded inside the Kremlin walls. Moscow claimed it as an "assassination attempt" on President Putin.♥

◢"The form, based on what has been provided and shared with us, does not even appear to be completely filled out or express a complete thought," Pierre said. "It is our collective goal to work on amending school board policy and effectuating changes to ensure that it takes more than one form to remove our history and heritage."☪


▬"Martin Amis's work was as singular as his voice — that wicked intelligence, the darkest of humor, and such glorious prose," said Oscar Villalon, editor of the literary journal ZYZZYVA and former San Francisco Chronicle books editor. "But it was how he scoped the corruption of contemporary life — indeed, how he unpacked the evil of the 20th century — that gives his work an urgency that will remain potent."♙RL824-272K-RC➯"Dr. Carhart will be deeply missed by family, friends, colleagues, and patients," his daughter Janine Weatherby said in a Facebook post. "Lee had a very simple belief that patients know what is best for their life plan and was there to support them."♨105R-272J◐The complaint filed against Gorman's book The Hill We Climb — named for the poem she famously recited at President Biden's 2021 swearing-in — alleges that the work is "not educational," contains indirect hate speech and shouldn't be in schools.⇏MPSH17RLRA➜One of the few federal laws that addresses lending to immigrants — the Community Reinvestment Act — encourages banks to meet the credit needs of people from all income brackets. The effect on foreign-born borrowers is hard to track. U.S. financial watchdogs are working on more financial advice in foreign languages; they rely on immigrants themselves to submit complaints.☞

↮The monthly checks, totaling $420,000, were identified as a "retainer" payment for Cohen. Some came from the Trump trust, but others were signed by Trump himself, from what Cohen said was his personal account. Falsifying business records could be a felony under New York law, if it was done in furtherance of another crime, such as a campaign finance violation. Cohen said he even discussed the checks with Trump inside the Oval Office at the White House.▧SRR4018-820Y◈"The fact that [Teixeira] had access at all, that even he could access these documents and gain that knowledge is inappropriate, needs to be fixed, and that's what we're going to be addressing on Capitol Hill," the Ohio Republican told Fox News.♀


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DRC2523Y0L☊"When the Senate passed CHIPS and Science, both sides came together on an issue that impacted the nation, involved a lot of committees, inputs and views — much like AI will," Schumer said. "Because there is so much bipartisan overlap in CHIPS and Science as there is in AI, it makes it a lot easier to do this in a way that brings bipartisan groups together from the very beginning."△TAJD475K050KNJ➹The agriculture agency is responsible for inspecting amusement rides in Florida, but an exception was carved out for the state's largest theme park operators, such as Disney and Universal Destinations & Experiences, which do their own safety inspections. Under the proposal, the exemption would end for rides in special governmental districts, which basically targets just Disney World.▬

"That was a sad, sad sight — knowing there was bodies in there," said Collier, who wasn't entirely relieved when he saw his facility was spared. "I was just numb, thinking about all these other people, what they're going through."✯

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