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▬"You know... we've had a couple of 'wets' (alcoholic drinks). At the end of the long night... we are going to have some food," one of them declares in the video. At the end of the video, each would-be chef declares: "Stay off the stove!"◥1206Y0500392KAR✁"The mere creation of those algorithms," he said, does not constitute culpability, any more than it would for a telephone company whose services are used to broker drug deals on a cell phone.△BAS 70-04 E6433◤In the last voice message I received from her she thanked me for supporting our relative who was in the hospital. When my mom heard about it she was very thankful. She would say, thank you so much for helping Khalid. It's going to be helpful to her.⇛C327C160JAG5TA⇟The process moved quickly: Just one week after Salinas filed her complaints on March 29, the school committee decided most of the books on her list should not be seen by younger students. Salinas had requested the materials be removed "from the total environment."◥

▪Adding to the criticism, Nelson argued Dominion should be allowed to question Fox employees about the Capitol riots as they are relevant to evidentiary issues, particularly why Fox chose to "pivot" its support away from Trump following the event.◊TBJA105K025CBLC0845Sometimes great sex comes down to planning ahead. Make sure you have the supplies you need, says Wilton. "Something like lube is great for women as they get older."♪


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1210J1K50100JCR↸"Without data, we are operating in the dark," says Andrea Armstrong, a professor at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, who has testified before Congress on the issue.◎2220J5K00391MXR♪Typically, the picturesque vistas draw droves of tourists from nearby and far away. But some places are unaccustomed to the swarms of selfie-seeking sightseers, such as the city of Lake Elsinore, which has struggled to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of tourists angling to view its bright-orange poppy fields.☄

⇜As a civil trial, the burden of proof for the battery claim was lower than in a criminal proceeding. Rather than be certain "beyond a reasonable doubt," as criminal trials require, Carroll needed to prove her case "by a preponderance of the evidence" — in other words, the jurors needed only to believe Carroll's version of events was more likely true than not.❤

☣One of the nation's most august collecting institutions, the Library of Congress, includes nearly four million sound recordings. Since 2000, the LOC has promoted its preservation work through the National Recording Registry.❀


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CWR11HK226JCC☁There have already been 190 mass shootings in the U.S. so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The group defines a mass shooting as any event in which there were four or more victims, excluding the shooter.♥CGJ5L3C0G2D822J160AA▫"The silt is being deposited in the canals, in the riverbed, in the dams upstream," he says. "It raises the riverbank" and clogs up the dams.★

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