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◤GREEN: We saw it right away. We saw looting of factories and other heavy industry, not just the taking of parts and equipment, but the dismantling of the facilities themselves, which was the equivalent of dismantling the Iraqi economy. It was astounding to see when we would see imagery of, you know, significant factories reduced to, you know, a few pieces of sheet metal, and then that sheet metal would be gone the next day.⏎


♡One senior Texas Ranger was given termination papers in January but remains on the force, state licensing records show. A DPS spokesman said he is currently suspended with pay, over four months later. The acting Uvalde police chief the day of the shooting resigned but was reelected to a county office he had held along with his law enforcement post. The first state police officer disciplined after the massacre was given the option to resign and now works for a local sheriff’s office.➼105-151FS▨Several Palestinians have gone on prolonged hunger strike in recent years to protest being held in administrative detention. In most cases, Israel has eventually released them after their health significantly deteriorated. None have died in custody, but many have suffered irreparable neurological damage.←4302R-682F↔Pasang Dawa Sherpa reached the summit on Sunday morning along with a Hungarian climber, according to expedition organizer Imagine Nepal Treks.♀T491A105M016ZT❒GREEN: All the Sunnis then had left were the weapons and ammunitions that they had looted from the from the depots. And a deep resentment of coalition activities. The new Iraqi government faced fierce opposition in Sunni areas, and especially in strong Fallujah and Ramadi.♥

▶"In a promotional video, a man introduced the company with a claim that it was founded in Colorado in»GA1206Y154MBBBT31G♚During hours of emotional committee hearings, opponents testified that hormone treatments, and in some cases, surgery, are evidence-based care, supported by numerous medical associations and can be life-saving for someone with gender dysphoria — the clinically significant distress or impairment caused by feeling that one's gender identity does not match one's biological sex.✿


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IRFS740B▣Towarnicki's breath caught, a familiar feeling after four years of working night shifts as a sexual assault nurse examiner in this northwestern Montana city.☣M39003/01-2541↔"Justice is a sharp instrument; it must draw fine distinctions. Conciliation depends on finding commonalities. It might require a little blurriness," Branigan observes.✏


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2225Y5000820KCR▨And now he's earned a graduate degree from the University of Oklahoma.▬IHLP6767GZER1R5M01▍Under the new law, third-party voter registration groups will be required to register for each new voting cycle and provide receipts to those they help enroll. The organizations frequently work in marginalized communities to help citizens register. The legislation also reduces the amount of time organizations have to submit voter registration applications from 14 to 10 days.⇐

Ю"I don't know what I am treating. They have been on medication, but their situation has continued to deteriorate year in and out due to a worsening health condition," she told Undark. "When one goes to the hospital or gets medication, the goal is to see change, but with me here, I don't see any."❀

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