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♢The pieces are there. Done right, an AI cancer counselor could save more lives than many cancer treatments. If I survive my cancer, I hope to join you in the effort.☜

☻That's much higher than the national rate, which is 13%, according to the Urban Institute, a social-policy nonprofit. In Marlboro County, 37% of people have medical debt in collections.◙

➪"Once the police investigation is completed and forwarded to my office, prosecutors will conduct a thorough review of all of the facts presented, the evidence, and the applicable law," Pryor said. "Prosecutors will then make a decision about whether criminal charges should be filed."º


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1206J2500223JDR↘An Australian police officer is under investigation after firing a Taser at a 95-year-old woman with dementia inside a nursing home.☀2225J0100334MXT웃For many in the community, the trauma from the attack lingers.⇉


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1206Y0500272MXT►These nights on duty are Towarnicki's second job. She's on call once a week and a weekend a month. A survivor may need protection against sexually transmitted infections, medicine to avoid getting pregnant, or evidence collected to prosecute their attacker. Or all the above.⇡ZXT4M322TA♤"I cannot underscore how broad the text is," she says. "It could encompass any device used in an abortion."⇔

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