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0505Y250P500HQT⊿Cardinal Mario Grech, who is in charge of the synod, stressed that with the changes, some 21% of the gathered representatives at the October meeting will be non-bishops, with half of that group women.◩2220J2000683MXR▨"Our fundraising effort for her has been not very good," she says, adding that a GoFundMe campaign Casiano's aunt helped her set up also hasn't gone very well either, only garnering one $20 donation in the first weeks. "I think people are scared of it."◀


♧The indictment unsealed Tuesday includes 34 counts of falsifying business records with "intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof." That's a Class E felony — the lowest level of felony in the state of New York.◑GA0805Y102KBJBT31G↔Raskin said that he still was exhausted as he recovered from the final round of chemotherapy, but that he would issue a proper thank you soon.☂2225J1000124JXR☭Nevertheless, the judge's comments Tuesday mark the second time in weeks that questions arose about the credibility of Fox attorneys. Last month, former Fox producer Abby Grossberg filed a lawsuit against the network alleging those attorneys "coerced, intimidated, and misinformed" her before she sat for questioning by a Dominion attorney in September (Fox has said Grossberg's allegations in connection with the Dominion case are baseless).↷S320Mº"Credit Suisse is not just a Swiss problem but a global one," he said.❧

⇡Then came the war. With Russia just 18 miles away, Russian soldiers bombed and shot at the neighborhood as they tried to occupy it, destroying most buildings.☝C1210X110F4HACAUTO»"We have so much rewilding power here," said the project's wildlife veterinarian, Michelle Otto.↡


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C336C333G2G5TA7301☈In order to qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, there are work requirements for people ages 18 to 49 who do not have dependents and are considered "capable."➦1812YA250181KCRPY2▂One weekday during the spring of 2018, Reynolds sat next to her 77-year-old mother, Jonnie-Lewis Thorpe, in a courtroom in downtown New Haven, Conn. She listened in discomfort as strangers revealed intimate details of their finances in a room full of people, waiting their turn to come before the judge.✙


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ELC-18E472☺McCann said that she doesn't go into the reopened Tops store or even ride by the site.⊠12105C154JAT4A♩Very quickly, the one-celled zygote starts to divide and travel again through the uterine tube. One cell becomes two, then four, then eight, then 16. The cells of the corona radiata that had been surrounding the egg start to fall off, disperse and eventually disappear.❀


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2225J0250272JCR♣After three weeks of brutal fighting in Sudan that's killed hundreds of civilians and turned its capital into a disaster zone, the country's warring military factions have agreed to meet in person.⊿SR205C473MARTR1♀"Florida encourages instruction on the classics and classical art, and would not prohibit its use in instruction," he told Florida's Voice in March.♥


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