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GA1206H122JBABR31G❄Ahead of Tuesday's repatriation ceremony, Bogdanos let "Sunday Morning" get a closer look. "This was recovered from an Upper East Side apartment here in New York, sitting in someone's home," Bogdanos said.★T495A336K006ATE600♢Then came the Taliban decree of December 2022 that banned Afghan women working for non-governmental agencies, further hobbling aid efforts. In regions where the ban has been strictly imposed, it has impeded the ability of aid workers to register and verify cases of families that need aid. Women employees are critical, particularly for projects involving households run by women, due to the Taliban's gender separation rules.➶

☂Dance lessons are also in full swing. Sofiia splits, twists and spins as pop music blares across the mirror-lined studio.〓


▍Manfredonia broke into a nearby home and took a third man hostage for 24 hours. A day later, he drove across the state to Derby and fatally shot a former classmate and kidnapped that classmate's girlfriend. He let her go, physically unharmed, at a rest stop in New Jersey.◎VJ0402D0R7CLAAJ↝"It made me a little bit more comfortable," she said. "It made me a little bit ... have hope, which is a really hard thing to have. It's a dangerous thing to have. Because, you know, when it doesn't work, it's so crushing."┲UP050SL510J-KFC↔He went on to highlight the role Twitter will play on Wednesday.◄S0603-33NJ3D★At least a dozen automakers have the allegedly faulty inflators in use, including Volkswagen, Ford, BMW and GM, NHTSA said.♨

ˍ"Where this data that your [smart] refrigerator was collecting, that your phone was collecting, that the government was collecting — where all of this data was going was intentionally hidden from us," he said. "We are no longer partner to our technology, in large part, just as we are increasingly, unfortunately, no longer partner to our government, so much as subject to them. And this is a dangerous trend."↤C1206X131J4HAC7800○White doesn't overplay the gift that the family members share; their communications with those who have died all come across as natural, the kind of thing that could happen to anyone. It's a fascinating take on magical realism, which White clearly realizes; he name-checks Isabel Allende's classic The House of the Spirits at one point.◇


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ELJ-RE33NJF2⇁Alvarez, a Brownsville local who Sauceda said has an "extensive rap sheet," apparently tried to flee after hitting the group but was held down by several bystanders. Alvarez has not been cooperating with investigators, the chief added.☣S0402-8N2F1CⓛEfforts to collect and analyze new intelligence would continue, the officials said Wednesday, noting that the intelligence community would "absolutely engage" with other efforts, including one ongoing at the Department of Defense, to arrive at a clearer understanding of the symptoms' cause.➲


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K823M10X7RF53L2♣Jaffee didn't just satirize the culture; he helped change it. His parodies of advertisements included such future real-life products as automatic redialing for a telephone, a computer spell checker and graffiti-proof surfaces. He also anticipated peelable stamps, multiblade razors and self-extinguishing cigarettes.➛1808J2K50680JCR▀A convoy of hundreds of Americans arrived in a port city in eastern Sudan on Saturday, the State Department said, in the first U.S.-led evacuation effort of private U.S. citizens since deadly fighting erupted in the country two weeks ago.☂


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