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C318C129BAG5TA7301】But three candidate vaccines — one developed by Oxford University and the Jenner Institute in Britain, another from the Sabin Vaccine Institute in the United States, and a third from the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) — are being trialed in Uganda.♂AR155C822K4R➤The three sailors — identified as Kerry O'Brien, Frank O'Brien and William Gross — reportedly left Mazatlán, a city near Mexico's west coast, aboard a 44-foot boat named Ocean Bound on April 4 and were headed to San Diego.❁


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C321C912G3G5TA✂"It just really upset me that this child was not allowed to attend their prom because they weren't wearing a dress. It is that simple of an issue. And it's not OK," Van Mol said of hearing Hayes' story.♪C911U471KVYDBAWL40▪ASHBURN, Va. — A group led by Josh Harris that includes Magic Johnson has agreed to buy the NFL's Washington Commanders from longtime owner Dan Snyder and his family.☼


✚Singapore authorities say there is a deterrent effect, citing studies that traffickers carry amounts below the threshold that would bring a death penalty.▌36502A36NJTDG⇋Dowell and his colleagues point out that people with nodding syndrome typically show no sign of the roundworm's presence in their spinal fluid, an indication of active infection that could affect the brain. A majority of patients who have had skin snips performed — a small biopsy for sample purposes — have shown traces of previous river blindness infection, but most aren't active cases.➺B82476A1224M♂Two other birds later found dead also tested positive, while test results aren't yet completed for five others, the park service said.◩SP1008R-104G▋Mass shootings in Serbia are rare, but authorities have repeatedly warned the public about a number of weapons left over in the country after war in the region in the 1990s.✐

✲After that initial call on Friday morning, it took deputies around 18 minutes to reach the scene at Lake o' the Pines, which sits between Dallas and Shreveport, La. It took a little longer for a truck from a nearby wrecker service to arrive.❃1N980B☺"Let us be in Africa even as we are in England. Here we are treated as men and women. Yonder we are but as cattle. Can you not make your people at the Cape as kind and just as your people here?"↔


➣Consumer advocates say that the blame lies with several players — the carmakers that omitted anti-theft features on certain models, the dealers that continue to sell the affected vehicles, the insurers that are denying coverage — but that it's the drivers who are getting stranded.➹GCM033R71C272KA55DⓔWhat it will do: Prohibit classroom instruction related to gender identity or sexual orientation in prekindergarten through eighth grade. Currently, the state outlaws any such lessons in kindergarten through third grade.▶CKC18X123MWGACAUTO◥Generally, a six-year statute of limitations applies to agency actions. Plaintiffs have argued that the FDA's later decisions to expand access to the drug — including in 2021, when it formally allowed the drug to be dispensed via mail — essentially restarted that clock, reopening the door to challenge the approval altogether.⚘MMSZ4702-G3-18↷Durbin said Roberts has the power to restore some of the damage that has been done by the alleged ethical concerns.▬

➞"You're the bosses, and we're the servants,'' Kelly began, "the first thing I learned a long, long time ago, is that servants don't tell the bosses what to do."⊙C0603C681J4HAC7867▨"I felt like my life was over," Stallings later said. "Regardless of the fact that I felt like I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't feel like I was in the wrong at all. From experience, what I've seen is Black men don't make it out of situations like that."➸

▫In the eight days leading to the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, seven horses died at Churchill Downs.↔


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