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ⓛPolice Chief Harvey said: "I hope it goes without saying that our deepest sympathies are with the families of the victims."➜0603Y2000430JUT☻He then placed a hobble, a device used to tether the wrists and ankles together, on Code, while remaining on her neck for more than a minute, the city said. The device has since been banned in the Minneapolis Police Department.✿BZG03C160-HM3-08⇁But these new policies are being litigated in the courts. A group of states led by Texas is challenging the parole program.♣1812J2500124JDR✐In the footage, the roar of rainfall is punctuated by cheers and shouts of encouragement as a drenched Bou Samnang finally nears and then crosses the finish line, almost six minutes behind the winner, Vietnam's Thi Oanh Nguyen.◊

✪The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss closed-door negotiations.⇃FA26X7T2E154KNU06☼When asked how she feels wearing a mask, one woman said, "It feels like going back in time. It's like living on this stage. It's marvelous!"➬

↝"This is a very old and effective strategy of evoking a model minority myth where people should be grateful for access" to power, says Harvard's Muhammad.◄


↰"Political stability is linked to economic stability and I don't see any sign of revival of the economy," said Shahid Hasan, a former adviser to Pakistan on economic affairs.♟CWR26MH106MBHB\HR❤The 293 T. rex bones, assembled and erected into a growling 11.6-meter-long (38-foot-long) and 3.9-meter-high (12.8-foot-high) posture, are expected to fetch 5 million to 8 million Swiss francs ($5.6-$8.9 million) when it goes under the hammer at a Zurich auction house.♂APTDC20H1201G➴Airlines have clashed with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg over blame for high rates of canceled and delayed flights in the past two years. Airlines argue that the government is at fault for not having enough air traffic controllers, while Buttigieg has blamed the carriers.▁GA1210Y124KXCAT31G①That could all change as voters Tuesday decide one seat on Wisconsin's high court in the most expensive state supreme court race in United States history.✉

♡Singer-songwriter HARDY entered the show as the leading nominee and collected four awards. "Wait in the Truck," his duet with Wilson, who was the second-leading nominee, won the music event award.☼C0402C222F3GAC7867⇉Yes. Disability is not an issue. And so we should stop making it an issue. Rather, we should embrace it as a kind of diversity.▣

♥The common thread, prosecutors allege, is that the deaths removed obstacles to the future life Vallow Daybell wanted with her fifth husband, Chad Daybell. Vallow Daybell is accused of conspiring to murder Tammy Daybell, Chad's then-wife who was found dead in her home in October 2019.↭


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HAZ221MBACRBKR◤Minutes later, the shooter fired several rounds and two supervisors — Uvalde SWAT commander Sgt. Eduardo Canales and Uvalde Lt. Javier Martinez — were injured by fragments of building material.❁C1005X5R1E153M050BACrowther has been monitoring a population of koalas in northern New South Wales for more than a decade. In 2008, 10% of animals tested there were infected with chlamydia. Today that rate is 80%.➻


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