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BAS16LP-7BˍDespite promises of reform by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, inmates at tribal jails overseen by the federal agency continue to die, according to a new report released on Friday.▕MR052C221KAATR1✡In the wake of the Dobbs decision, Murray says she hopes Republicans will join her — which would be essential in a closely-divided Congress for her legislation to advance.☟

⇟I spend a great deal of time on college campuses, and I can't tell you how often students question whether America's role in the world has been for good or not. And, for those students who say no, they point first to the Iraq War and second to the 2008 financial crisis.  These two events have led many Americans to question the competency and credibility of their own government.あ

⊟"If signed into law by the president, it will render lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Uganda criminals simply for existing, for being who they are," Turk, the U.N. rights chief, said in the statement. "It could provide carte blanche for the systematic violation of nearly all of their human rights and serve to incite people against each other."⇃

➮A relative to the family shot on the highway, Ian Halsey of Bowdoinham, said that two of his cousins were shot and that his uncle suffered shrapnel injuries. None of the family knew the shooter, he said.⇦


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PCT10/20HM∎"I knew before I started that a large aspect of this race is luck and a large aspect is preparation," Neuschafer told NPR by satellite phone in February as she was about to round Cape Horn, where she faced 55 mile-per-hour winds and seas of 25 feet.❈1210J1000151GCR✲Each year, the school holds a ceremony for medical students to honor the deceased donors who helped supplement their education, Taylor says. They partner with local cemeteries to house the ashes or return them to families upon request.➞


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