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▦"I was on the top floor and I couldn't go through the hallway because there was just too much smoke, so I jumped out the window," Sili said.⇡2225J0500331FCR✦The provisional death toll, announced late on Friday by the provincial governor, was at least 176 dead.❒1206J0160182FCR↮Major advertisers had already abandoned Carlson's Fox News show, which regularly embraced groundless conspiracy theories and made appeals broadly found to be racist, xenophobic and misogynistic.£M39003/09-4041B↛Then last year this village of 824 people came together to open a new market. They raised nearly $160,000 of their own money — double their initial fundraising goal. And Post 60 Market was born.【

♙Many of Robbins' followers who commented on these posts perceived his comments as disturbing threats. Some even urged him to get professional counseling.◇VJ1206Y121KBAAT4X⇨Protests in Kansas City — and outrage nationwide — mounted this weekend over the shooting of a Black teenager whose family says he accidentally came to the wrong address to pick up his younger siblings.⇦

↞Authorities have identified the shooter as Kosta Kecmanovic and said he is too young to be charged and tried. He has been placed in a mental hospital, and his father has been detained on suspicion of endangering public security.▎


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GA1210Y154MBJAT31G★WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told reporters Wednesday that there were currently 23 countries in the world experiencing cholera outbreaks, with a further 20 countries that share land borders with them at risk.↳ACDBAT3100-HF☠The WWF estimates there are 15,942 white rhinos around the world. The species is classified as "near threatened."¤


▫The men, whose names weren't released for privacy reasons, were arrested in April last year. Police at the time seized 22 firearms, including a Kalashnikov rifle, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition, as well as large sums of cash, gold and silver.♀SIZ320DT-T1-GE3➱Baldwin's attorneys, Luke Nikas and Alex Spiro, said they were pleased with the decision to dismiss charges. "We encourage a proper investigation into the facts and circumstances of this tragic accident," they wrote in a statement.✲VJ0805D820MXXAC❧Eliminate diversity programs (S.B. 266)↬74404063101⊕Nothing exploded, Gonzalez said, although the sheriff's office initially responded to emergency calls saying there was an explosion.❤

▩On Friday, two British-Israeli sisters were shot to death in a car as they travelled through the occupied West Bank. Their mother survived but was hospitalized after being severely wounded.♦VJ0603D151FXAAT◊"One interpretation ... [is] that if someone really thinks that racism is not a problem ... then it's kind of hard to make sense of this type of decision," he says. It's "a threat to their belief system and they're reacting prejudicially as a result of that."♩

⇕The following season, safety Jamal Adams shined in a white windowpane patterned, double-breasted suit when he was taken at No. 6 by the Jets.☆


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