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5SS103ZUKCT◁President Biden called the crew members to offer his thanks and tell them he was proud of the mission they were set to embark on.◙2220J3K00331MXR☆Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, it's easier than ever to create images and video of things that don't exist, or events that never happened. That's spurring warnings about digital fakery being used to spread propaganda and disinformation, impersonate celebrities and politicians, manipulate elections and scam people.◢


◘In an unpublished memoir obtained by The Associated Press in 2022, Donham said she was unaware of what would happen to Till.♪PSMN3R3-80PS,127❤Want more on culture and the people who create it? Listen to Consider This on the trouble in Hollywood as writers strike.❁GQM1555C2D7R5WB01D✒The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a nearly $11 billion investment on Tuesday to help bring affordable clean energy to rural communities throughout the country.♪PN5138_D75Z❁"There were errors, there were misunderstandings that culminated in a tragedy. But the fact that we have a victim in a tragedy does not mean there's a villain. Villain, to me, requires bad intent and my client, I don't believe – the facts will show – that he had bad intent," he said.➨

☆MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, President Biden said he would sign Roe into law which would be up to the point of fetal viability, which was roughly assumed to be about 24 weeks. The majority of abortions are performed–⇃PE-1008CD330GTTºThe Lebanese military said it found another rocket launcher Friday after dismantling several the day before.➞


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122NQ030-1⇍President Joe Biden requested $15 billion over the next 10 years in his 2024 budget to fund expanded access to the Community Eligibility Program. The administration says this would expand the program to an additional 9 million children around the country.ˍCDBQR54➝"He was still alive when he was taken away, but he never came home," she added. "My husband's life was stolen from him viciously. Life as I knew it [was] stolen from me. My world as I knew it came to an end."⏎


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1206J1000270JAT⇛Now decades of climate change-driven drought, combined with the overpumping of aquifers, is making the valley desperately dry — and appears to be intensifying the levels of heavy metals in drinking water.❤GA0805H471JBABR31G▨And one of its biggest calling cards was helping to catch the small amount of voter fraud that does happen every federal election. A January report from the Florida Department of State Office of Election Crimes and Security said it had "used data provided by ERIC to identify" hundreds of voters who appeared to have voted in Florida and in another ERIC member state in the same election.⊿

★"He's fully cleared, he's here and ... he's in a great headspace to come back and make his return," Beane said.▫


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