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▤The deal follows the collapse of two large U.S. banks last week that spurred a frantic, broad response from the U.S. government to prevent further panic.➺

✿Chances appear to favor Pearson's return: Commissioner Erika Sugarmon told the Memphis Commercial Appeal that the former lawmaker has enough supporters sitting in the commission, which has a Democratic supermajority, to get him successfully reappointed.▩


⇒Drawing on ancient Malayali Christian communal histories that reach back to 52 A.D. with St. Thomas' arrival in India, this story is about the ebbs and flows of lives across three generations from 1900 to the late-1970s. As various historical events of both British and then independent India unfold, we experience them through the loves and losses of a cast of characters that keeps growing like a nodal system with ever-multiplying branches and intersections.❈SR307A472JAR◤The likely Republican frontrunners, former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, were scheduled to deliver their own appeal to voters on Saturday, each trying to weaken the others' support in a pair of dueling Iowa rallies. But Trump's event was canceled late in the day due to a severe weather warning.❈C0805X829C3HACAUTO▨Retired Air Force Major Brian Shul, a fighter pilot who nearly died after being shot down during the Vietnam War and then, defying doctors who said his injuries would ground him forever, flew the world’s fastest jet in top-secret Cold War operations, died May 20 at a hospital in Reno, Nev. He was 75.▭2220Y2K50391GCR☪Law enforcement officials say the man accused of killing five neighbors in southeast Texas early Saturday is now in custody after evading capture for days.●

◥Mifepristone was first approved in 2000 as the first dose in a widely-used, two-drug protocol approved to induce some first trimester abortions. GenBioPro received FDA approval for its generic version in 2019.◎BYV29FD-600,118☞The so-called Five Eyes intelligence-sharing partners — the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand — have taken similar steps.✄


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TPSB106M025R1800▀He has appointed several women to high-ranking Vatican positions, though no women head any of the major Vatican offices or departments, known as dicasteries.❤CDR31BP430BJZSAC↺No one, including the boy, has been charged in the shooting. The superintendent was fired by the school board after the shooting, while the assistant principal resigned. The principal was reassigned to another job within the school district. The board also voted to install metal detectors in every school in the district, beginning with Richneck, and to purchase clear backpacks for all students.☜


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1812Y5000224KER☠Dominion's case stems from baseless assertions on Fox that the voting tech company's machines threw votes from then-President Donald Trump to Democratic challenger Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Dominion alleges that Fox tried to win back Trump voters alienated by Fox's projection — before any other television network on election night — that Biden would win Arizona. One way the network appealed to Trump loyalists was to broadcast the lies of election fraud promoted by Trump and his allies. (The network says it was reporting on newsworthy allegations from the nation's top elected official and its allies.)▔GCJ216R71E122KA01D◨ALEA said investigators have not found any "high-powered rifle ammunition" at the scene, but have found numerous shell casings from handgun ammunition.☭

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