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2220Y0160681JFR♧"We will continue to keep our eye on the COVID-19 ball," Dr. Nirav Shah, the CDC's principal deputy, told reporters last week. He pointed to a recent CDC analysis of the new approach showing it will be effective.▌1N2996B⇆A hundred women seaweed divers from Chinna Palam should receive ID cards later this month – Indian bureaucracy is blamed for the delays. That will enable them to collect seaweed anywhere without concern for the repercussions. All they would need to do to qualify is to prove that they're members of the community that's been collecting seaweed for generations. It's a truce of sorts between the indigenous people who have loved and lived on these islands for four generations — and a government's efforts to secure the marine reserve, says Mahendran.↩


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1206J0500152FFT▫The attack took place on Tuesday afternoon along Atani, Osamale road in Ogbaru district, according to police.☭CDR34BP472BFUR✪"The drape turned out to be the most used option and the most acceptable option," says Coomarasmy. "Vietnam has been using drapes for many years," he says. "Some parts of India and some parts in California are now using it routinely."♠


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VJ0402D4R7BLCAP◐In the same 2006 interview, Minow said some things had changed for the better in the 45 years since his famous speech. "The marketplace seems to be making decisions about what succeeds and what fails," he said, adding that, "one of the best things that's happened from my perspective is the growth in both public television and public radio, a noncommercial service, which really didn't exist in any in any major sense at all at that time."↾1812R-682J◩Feinstein requested a temporary replacement on the committee while she recovered, but Senate Republicans blocked Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's effort to do so.✤


✲The Federal Communications Commission and National Association of Broadcasters praised the legislation, which is also backed by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., Rep. Tom Kean, Jr., R-N.J., Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D-Wash., among others.▧CWR11NC104KBC➣Disney said Moana grossed almost $644 million at the box office globally and was nominated for an Oscar, a BAFTA and a Golden Globe. Its soundtrack won a Grammy and Billboard Music Award.♥GRM32EC72A106KE05LⓞTwo hydroelectric plants in particular worry Pakistan: one being built on the Chenab, a river that forms in India and flows into Pakistan, and another built on a river known in Pakistan as the Jhelum. That plant diverts water out of the Jhelum, and Pakistani officials say it has diminished the power of their own hydroelectric plant built on the Pakistani side of the river.☆T491B335K020ZT↥The few Para athletes who have spoken publicly about the account offer varying perspectives, though many agree it's a delicate balance to strike.↱

↱The unwritten rules of assimilation to a space that had been run by, and for, mostly white men, was not just raised in the conversations between the young Black activists and white Republicans. It also came up in an exchange between Rep. Justin Jones and an Indian American Republican, Rep. Sabi Kumar.☛GMC10CG821F100NT∴Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation from Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to testify before the panel, calling such testimony by chief justices "exceedingly rare."☄

▥They didn't know you were dealing with other issues at home and with your mental health. Did that feedback help you realize anything about yourself in high school?유


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