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✉McGrath resigned just 11 weeks into the job as Hogan's chief of staff in 2020 after the payments became public.▣1210Y6300222MXR⇗He quoted Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn's response to a school shooting in Nashville two weeks ago, in which she said, "My office is in contact with federal, state, & local officials, & we stand ready to assist."♣C318C249DAG5TA7301↥"They give you a lot of accountability," she said. "That was not something I wanted."⊕RLB9012-152KL➹Iowa head coach Lisa Bluder said at that same conference that "we're all different people and we all have different ways to show our emotions," adding she could only focus on what she can control.◊

∷Kobos told NPR, "It was just nerve-wracking to not have much of a sense of anything and then to be told we might not get paid past Friday. We weren't able to be told if that means we would then be furloughed. But we were told, you know, if the strike's still going on into Monday, we could apply for unemployment."☀PHPT60410NY115❏Make an offer over $186,000, and the "stunning location with outstanding views" could be yours.▪


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MC066D105KAA⇄Twitter's policy describes state-affiliated media as "outlets where the state exercises control over editorial content through financial resources, direct or indirect political pressures, and/or control over production and distribution."✉HCPT1309-1R0-R☣All the evidence and her patient's story were sealed and locked away, just feet from a wall of thank-you cards from patients and sticky notes of encouragement between nurses.▓

⇡Obsessed with the Billboard music charts since childhood, he was known for his deep knowledge and appreciation of music and would prove an astute judge of talent during the 1970s era of New Wave, a term he helped popularize, signing record deals with Talking Heads, the Ramones and the Pretenders.£

☢Videos posted on social media appeared to show the unfolding conflict, capturing air force jets patrolling the skies, soldiers firing in streets of the capital, armored vehicles speeding through residential streets and civilians running and taking shelter.◐


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1206J0161P00CFT▀This year's guests have been asked to dress "in honor of Karl": a wide-ranging dictum, considering that over the decades Lagerfeld also designed for Chloé, Balmain and Patou.✆C430C472J1G5TA7200↢Residents across parts of the northwestern United States are under air quality alerts this weekend after smoke from a spate of Canadian wildfires drifted south across the border.◙

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