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➮Critics pushed back, fearing "secret arrests" and a lack of accountability, and lawmakers ultimately passed a scaled-down version of the bill focusing only on mug shots.↯


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4554-3R3K➥Gaye was killed in 1984 at age 44, shot by his father as he tried to intervene in a fight between his parents. He had been a Motown superstar since the 1960s, although his songs released in the 1970s made him a generational musical giant.✍1808Y1000120GFT◙Investigators ruled Nichols' manner of death as a homicide, according to the report released Thursday by the West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center.❀


★He noted he made a similar speech in March 2021, soon after a gunman attacked Atlanta-area spas killing eight people — six of them of Asian descent.↖C1812X222F1HAC7800✏"The battalion was short on men and equipment and obviously ... was not ready for deployment," Gregg said. "So it became my responsibility, along with my officers and engineers, to get the battalion ready for deployment."❧1206J0500153JDT✏The store got started in 2008 with the help of several national organizations and a grant from the USDA. A similar grant program is offered today, in addition to other rural food initiatives. The Village of Cody owns the building, while the school district and a local non-profit, Cowboy Grit, helped finance the store.↞1111J5000471GQT◥BEIJING — China sent warships and dozens of fighter jets toward Taiwan on Saturday, the Taiwanese government said, in retaliation for a meeting between the U.S. House of Representatives speaker and the president of the self-ruled island democracy claimed by Beijing as part of its territory.☊

⇂So they've been avoiding it.☻GQM1885C1H7R5BB01D➷The British government claimed she could seek a Bangladeshi passport based on family ties. But Begum's family argued that she was from the U.K. and never held a Bangladeshi passport.✪


⊙"Populism" was in common use as a political label when Bryan emerged on the national scene. Born and educated in Illinois, Bryan moved to Nebraska after law school and was elected to Congress at 30. He soon became an outspoken champion for farmers, free trade and "free silver" – an effort to ease the repayment of debts by breaking away from the gold standard for fixing the value of currency.▣MLG0603S2N0STD25❁"They would stop people just because they were Black, they would harass them, they would search them, and ultimately arrest them if they thought they could get away with it," he alleged.↔BZX784C2V7-TP↧There's another element involved in most incidents of hoax swatting calls: the complicating factor of social media.♣CDR01BP820BJZSAT↖Kia-Keating has worked with children who feel helpless or uncertain, have difficulty falling asleep, or struggle to describe in words what's bothering them.→

♧Some people question whether the Biden administration's weighing in would have much impact, given the deep political divisions in some states where local officials are eager to flout federal guidance. Earlier this year, Republican leaders in Tennessee rejected millions of dollars in federal funding for HIV prevention to push back on federal support for transgender and abortion rights.◥HF1008R-221K▂The unemployment rate dipped to 3.5% in March, from 3.6% in February, even as 480,000 new people joined the workforce. The unemployment rate for African Americans fell to 5% — the lowest level since the government began tracking the figure in 1972.

⇌Law enforcement’s overall 77-minute delay came with potentially deadly consequences.▊

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