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☣"I want a new thing, a new power, and a new way," said Tidawan, who didn't want to give her last name. "Under the military, nothing is going to change."♦

↥"He's already admitted to lying and defrauding, he is an embarrassment to the House and to the country," Garcia told reporters earlier on Wednesday, days after Santos confessed to stealing a checkbook in Brazil to buy goods in 2008. "People want better from us and they want honest and ethical government."➪

⇎Jessica DeFino, a beauty industry critic and author of “The Unpublishable” newsletter, said the drama with Bioré underscored problems in an industry that has often marketed products as tools of mental wellness.


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CDEP85NP-R80MC-88↺One of the most glittering of the Crown Jewels is a 105-carat diamond originally found in India some 800 years ago. Over the centuries, it passed through Mughal, Persian and Afghan hands before being taken from a 10-year-old Sikh prince and given to Queen Victoria.❏C0805X103K8HAC7800✍Punjab state police tweeted Sunday that Singh was arrested in Moga, a town in the state. It gave no details but appealed to people to maintain peace and harmony.☢


のAfter exiting Khartoum, Eisa says the journey was relatively straightforward.▃1206J2000361JQT▨Corden closed out the night by playing a piano and singing a song with the crew and staff gathered around the stage. "Part of me thinks I should stay here forever but deep in my heart I just know," Corden sang. "No more shows to be showing, it's time I was going, It's time. Thanks for watching, that's our show."♪2225Y1000103FCT✐The phrase "Boston Strong," was borrowed from the start — the brainchild of three Emerson College students inspired by the "Live Strong" mantra associated with Lance Armstrong's cancer foundation.▐PM5022S-221M◥“Giving the industry more time to adapt is a good thing,” said Rich Stern, chief executive of TuneIn, an audio streaming service that connects digital listeners with radio stations around the world. “But this is not the solution to the existential challenges facing terrestrial radio distribution in the U.S. We’ve all received the wake-up call. Digital investment and transformation needs to be a top priority for the industry going forward.”╬

⇙Around a third of them are expected to disappear if the Earth warms by 1.5 degrees Celsius, according to ICIMOD, a regional environmental group. The U.N. predicts warming will be even higher.☀AOSN32338C↗They're in so many photos together. Sitting next to each other, marching down the hall, one in front of the other. Aurora Demchenko, headstrong and sweet, and Daniel Bizyayev, who loves soccer and is a good listener. Sahan remembered how they'd sit next to each other and giggle, sometimes distracting the other students.✑


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