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➸The Biden administration has announced a plan to expand access to Affordable Care Act and Medicaid coverage for DACA recipients. The change would treat DACA recipients more like other groups with temporary legal status.あGA1210A332JXAAT31G♔State lawmakers are currently considering whether to end the state's statute of limitations for when civil lawsuits related to child sexual abuse can be filed against institutions. Similar proposals have failed in recent years, but the issue received renewed attention this session and the current proposal is nearing passage in Annapolis, where lawmakers have until midnight next Monday to give final approval and send the bill to Gov. Wes Moore, who has said he supports it. Currently, victims of child sex abuse in Maryland can't sue after they turn 38. The bill would eliminate the age limit and allow for retroactive lawsuits.↹M39003/01-6119➨NPR also covers the news free of any government influence — something that should mean it does not receive state-affiliated labeling, according to Twitter's own rules.❒GA0805Y821MXBBC31G✲"People should understand that the food they're eating on a daily basis is harvested by oppressed people," Cuello says. The food and other agricultural products that everyone consumes are "touched by millions of people who sometimes have no choice but to send their children to work."⇡

➹A key provision in one of the first COVID relief laws gave states extra federal funding for Medicaid — the public health insurance program for low income people — but required states not to disenroll anyone for as long as the public health emergency was in effect.▬CDR32BP470BJWSAP☀U.S. District Judge Leo Sorokin wrote in his decision that American and JetBlue violated antitrust law as they carved up Northeast markets between them, "replacing full-throated competition with broad cooperation."♠


✉Other activists who were sitting outside the doors of nearby government buildings ""have been ordered to move and if they don't we will remove them by force,"" said police spokesman Brian Skotnes shortly before officers were seen carrying activists away. They were not arrested."☏C0805X102K3GECAUTO7210⇤Disney's in-person offerings performed better than streaming◄GJM0335C2A9R0BB01W♥Now, even as the stay remains in place, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is once again considering Kacsmaryk's injunction.❑CC0805FRNPO0BN221♤Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz won the hotly contested race for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, according to a race call by The Associated Press, defeating former state Supreme Court Justice Dan Kelly. Spending in the campaign shattered the previous national record for a state supreme court election.✍

➲"A thoughtful country would begin to say we've got to come up with the regulatory structures and business models that can work for all," he says, "not just for the 30-year-old."▁IXFX250N10P♦"The City has gone above and beyond in our attempts to arrive at mutually beneficial terms to keep the A's in Oakland," she said in a statement. "Yet, it is clear to me that the A's have no intention of staying in Oakland and have simply been using this process to try to extract a better deal out of Las Vegas. I am not interested in continuing to play that game - the fans and our residents deserve better."↙


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C2012X7R2A104M125AE➷The report is also expected to address whether mid-sized banks should be subject to more frequent "stress tests," to ensure they can weather financial challenges.✆VJ0402D820KXXAJ➡In remarks that lasted just around 25 minutes, Trump dismissed the other investigations he's facing, said DA Bragg had "no case" and attacked Judge Juan Merchan and his family as "Trump-hating" people.↬

♨Other attorneys did not respond to phone and email messages seeking comment.♭


卐A study in Louisiana found that people who gained Medicaid coverage after an expansion there had reduced medical debt.✯RD2.7E-T4-AZ☀But Palestinians call it the Nakba — "the catastrophe."↽1825J0160330FCR☚Holding on to this traditional way of earning a living poses many risks.▩1206J0160221KDR❒Since then, the film and TV industry has changed. For example, television writers used to be assigned to shows that lasted perhaps 22 episodes each season. Now, seasons on TV and digital platforms may be just eight to 10 episodes long.▦

⇛Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman is also returning after an absence due to treatment for clinical depression. Fetterman sustained a stroke in May of last year and later had a pacemaker and defibrillator implanted to treat an irregular heart rhythm.▣2300LL-1R5-H-RC☃For Kreiden and her staff, the book’s return on May 10 was the start of an unexpected journey — one that brought the book’s story to news feeds across the country and finally, weeks later, led them to Perry, the stranger who dropped off the library’s oldest new addition.☇


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